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10 thoughts on “2022 Dog Bite Fatality: 32-Year Old Man Killed by 'Alligator' Pit Bull in Polk County, Tennessee

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  1. I recall recent Dogsbite articles on Sevier County and Cocke County in Tennessee. I see from Wikipedia these counties are on the Tennessee state line on the east. As is Polk County, at the SE-most tip of the state.

  2. The Dogsbite link here provided to mentions a Tudor line pitbull with an ugly name.

    This is yet another grievous confirmation of what I recently read at the Cliftons website, Animals 24-7. Pitbulls were used to keep American slaves in line. All these years I had thought bloodhounds were the primary slave hunters. As someone who has done independent study of black history, I find this absolutely revolting.

    • @ Nunzia

      Just a quick heads up that up until very recently, that ugly name was a very common name for pets. There were many black cats and dogs (Labradors, etc) who had that name. It was a word used to describe a pet with dark fur, as the origin of the word is latin simply meaning ‘dark’. It’s not necessarily tied to the slave trade, but it could very well be.

      • Eva, I recall that you previously posted some excellent info on dog regulation in Germany. We appreciate hearing how well that’s working in your country. Thank you.

        In America, it’s highly doubtful that citizens have used the N word as names for their animals in at least 60 years. Most likely, much longer. As a country we are sensitive to the N word. I understand the origin of the word but it’s still a pejorative.

        Animals 24-7 has done research on the matter of pitbulls used in the old South against slaves. I respect that data.

      • Eva, the dog fighters meant exactly what that word conjures up. Don’t make excuses for them especially with using Latin phrases or scholarly theories as these are simply low life, hate filled men that found the suffering of others entertaining.

    • I know the dog you’re discussing and there are plenty of “spook”, “spade” etc derogatory names on these dogs even currently, plus other white power phrases. That said, I was told that plenty of hunting line Labs also carry those awful names, just a certain type of gross person attracted to the dogs

  3. If the pitbull was aggressive maybe just maybe they should put him down but no they have the mindset that he can be saved we have to show him love he will be a good boy.I just don’t understand that some people think they can train a aggressive pitbull to be good . you can’t now shane is dead because of his refusal to put his pitbull down when his show aggression many time.

  4. Tying up a dog is always dangerous. Maybe log chains don’t break, but other tie out equipment does break. The vicious dog undoubtedly was pulling on the chain or rope. Loose chains or ropes don’t break. Sadly, this dog was kept without any equipment that could hold the dog securely. As a result, a man is dead.

  5. @ Nunzia

    Thank you for enlightening me in that matter; I was able to find the Animals 24-7 article and a few others explaining the origins of blood hounds (of the bulldog kind) and the major part these dogs played in subduing people. It’s sickening to learn that murderdogs with a taste for human children and the purpose of causing maximum damage to people without ever relenting have been around for centuries… without any purpose in their lives besides attacking and mauling humans. Yet here we are, pretending these murder machines are misunderstood flower children of peace and genetics are a lie.

  6. Garrett’s Shorty ROM was listed at stud in ads in Dog World in the early 90s, he was a son of Jeep thus it was that easy to get the iconic bloodlines from those who wanted cash, which is really what drives all these breeders.

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