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17 thoughts on “2022 Dog Bite Fatality: Man Killed, Woman Injured by Three Dogs in North Lubbock Park

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  1. Thanks to Dogsbite for tenacity in determining the pitbull or pitbull-mix mauling death in the Lubbock, Texas park.

    I’ve been receiving news reports for several days now from G**gl* about this pack attack. All reports were vague about cause of death despite my use of several queries. Hmmm. Looks like I would have to expand my queries considerably if I had the time to read all the reports. Strange how the queries at first yielded very good results yet have now been diluted to pets of the week and the many dog attacks in India. Not so much now in the U.S. and Canada even though attacks continue.

    Of note, though, are the reports coming in of city council members being bitten by pitbulls and courageous enough to discuss it and hopefully take action.

  2. Wow, so much vitriol against the victim on that Facebook page. He was a chairman in the local Democratic party, so was this hatred really against Democrats? This is beside the point, which is that human beings shouldn’t be being torn apart by dogs. I was just surprised to see people speaking about the victim so hatefully.

    It sounds as if they have captured the dogs but I’m not seeing reports of any owner of former owner being found or even on the radar.

    I find the current state of affairs depressing – people in communities are keeping dangerous pets that are harming others. And nothing is being done about it.

    • I just heard 3 pit bulls killed another dog, went up to the porch of an elderly man and growled at him on the mans porch.
      So I will make a report for them because 3 pit bulls are not just pack mentality but are deemed
      Dogs at large with a history of viscous behavior
      NOW IT IS
      Dangerous dogs at large with a history of causing a fatality of another persons pet .
      Threatening behavior toward an elderly man.

      Too often I read that law enforcement will state that a dog had no previous history of aggression.
      That’s where filing a report comes in to create a paper trail to build a case before 3 pit bulls loose and at large don’t kill a child of any human.

  3. Of course the media label the pitbull dog breed a pitbull type dog. I’m not a dog expert but I’m pretty sure american staffordshire terrier american bully staffordshire bull terrier and american bulldog are all different kind of come they don’t label german shepherd dog a german shepherd dog type when that breed attack and killed someone.

  4. It appears that the victim Jack Looney liked to write porn on his Facebook page. Now I see why several women called his death karma.

    Off to take a shower.

    • Unnecessary comment. Level headed adult comments are the only way we can work together to make the world a safer place.

      Writing pornographic material is allowed on facebook? Interesting.

      We need not know about your hygiene

  5. Injecting the dead man’s political proclivities and possible criminal behavior into the narrative is a big red herring. Nutters are obviously trying to deflect blame away from the dogs and the owner.

    If the claim that “Dogs are perfect judges of human character” has not been yet tossed out, you can bet that it will.

    Even if he WAS a child molester, so what: Fido, Rover and Spot do NOT get to be judge, jury and executioner.

    • @Animal Uncontrol


      I don’t care if the victim was a nasty piece of work, or not.

      It isn’t up to anyone but the courts and his victims to seek justice.

      Dogs don’t know who someone is. They might find certain people distasteful–doesn’t give them a right to bite, or kill them. EVER until (and if) they are trained to respond to a direct attack on their handler.

      Dogs eat cat poop. They’re hardly the perfect judges of anything.

      • I wrote “Now I see why several women called his death karma.” Translated as now I understand how these local women and the guy making the video felt. Big difference. Local folks angry about their powerlessness.

  6. I have read enough about the deceased man’s issues. Assuming this is all true, I accept that this individual had severe mental illness; and it
    may be designed to deflect us from the real problem. No one should be mauled/killed by pitbulls. We don’t put people condemned to death in the USA
    in with a pack of pitbulls. Furthermore I’ve seen what I’ve supposedly done on Facebook.
    Most of it is not true. I prefer illegal activities be handled in court and not on Facebook.

    • I can relate, Rachel. The pit bull fan club bullied me so hard, I was forced to close my Facebook business page.

      One of them also posted a 1-star rating on my Google business reviews, and there’s no way I can get rid of it, despite the fact that I’ve never done a lick of business with this person. Nor are we even slightly acquainted.

      BTW, I reported that rating to Google, and they would not remove it.

      • I ran into the same stuff. For example, one person said I kept dogs outside in 5′ x 5′ pens whereas the dogs were in 10′ x 20′ and 16′ x 16′ pens. Twenty-five square feet versus 200 square feet.
        I also could not get false information off of Facebook. The fact is that some people are amused by another’s suffering. It’s an adult form of bullying. No matter what, no one deserves to be killed by pitbulls.

      • That someone would go so far as to poorly rate your business and bully you and Facebook and Google condone the behavior is disturbing.

        Perhaps the bullying person was not a human but a bot.

        • The poor rating was dropped on me back in, oh, 2014. Bot comments weren’t as widespread back then.

          But not to worry. I responded FORCEFULLY, right beneath that one-star review.

          I noted that it was a false review, that I didn’t know the person who left it, and nor had I ever done business with her.

          Feel free to copy and paste the above paragraph into your own responses to negative reviewers. The more we fight back, the more we win.

          Bullies, you are cowards.

    • Of course, I have seen that multiple times here in Florida, one day they are reporting on a horrible mauling or a death by a pit bull the next day promoting a pit bull found on the street as the best family dog.

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