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20 thoughts on “2022 Dog Bite Fatality: Woman Killed by 'Highly Trained' Personal Protection Dog in Loudon County, Tennessee

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  1. Large black dog you mean a pitbull.I guess the media never want to hurt the feelings of pitbull worshiper. You know it always a pitbull mix dog large muscular dog pitbull type dog 90 percent of fatal dog attack is always the pitbull.but no matter how many times you tries to tell pit bull defenders. They always said it not a reliable source or it not a real pitbull.

    • I do not think this is a mislabeled pit. Dutch Shepherds are popular protection dogs. Since the husband was a K-9 trainer it makes more sense that this breed description is accurate. Pits are not popular protection dogs amongst the professional set.

  2. Because the training they use for protection work is almost always aversive and punishment based. If you hit and shock and strangle a dog then why wouldn’t that dog want to kill you whenever it gets the chance?

    • Ok protection training isn’t “aversive ‘if your actual belief is dogs are ‘shocked and strangled ‘ into defending themselves is laughable , those. Ditchies as they call them are high drive predatory types

    • If a dog has little “drive” for the work, all the corrective action or reward won’t change that.

      Anyone who believes that waving a treat around will stop a high drive dog from targetting is seriously deluding themselves. Pitbulls aren’t the only high drive dogs out there. They’re just the least predictable.

      That leaves either to stop training protection dogs altogether and to stop breeding large intelligent working breeds and I don’t see either of those options as being optimal.

      It’s never been lied about by protection trainers that dogs can become handler aggressive. That’s why the term, exists.

      Since hubby is the trainer of this dog, I’d be casting a sus eye in his direction. He wouldn’t be the first guy to sic his trained dog on his wife. Or the first one who ignored all the signs until someone in his family was hurt.

  3. This is exactly why a dog trained as a weapon is a bad idea. If you need a weapon for protection, get a firearm. It won’t decide to go on a mauling spree and maul a family member or your neighbors child.

  4. Why were the cops able to shoot that dog quickly, I’m assuming, but it took over 30 minutes to shoot the dogs that attacked Jacqueline Durand. That poor girl suffered needlessly for more than 1/2 hour.

  5. The Dutch shepherd is closely related to the Belgian malinois. In my experience, they have been brindles, but brindles can be so dark that they appear black.
    The Dutch shepherd can be a police dog. They are generally good police dogs but are not recommended for pets.

    The problem with personal protection dogs is that they are often good in bitework but poorly trained in obedience. They often don’t have temperaments suitable as pets.

    I once trained a GSD with an akc title. This dog had a utility title .
    He was trained not to bite. He once was tormented by a preschooler and did not bite him.
    Yet he did good protection work.

    Good family protection starts with a level headed dog and good obedience training. Hanging a dog in bitework is wrong.
    I would love to hear the dogs.age and how long it had been in the home. Very aggressive dogs need little training in bitework

    The emphasis should be on control.

  6. I would love to know the age of this dog. How much time was spent on him with teaching bitework. Did his handler work him with bitework on a bite sleeve she was wearing. This is commonly done, and I do
    disagree with it.

    A local Dutch shepherd police dog years ago attacked the trim around the car window while getting in or out of the car. He would readily bite but was always out of control. GSDs often take longer to train but are more reliable. They can be called off a bite successfully.

  7. Bitework? Really?

    I think we need a terminology change here. How about shredding work? Mauling work? Or dismemberment work?

    • They’re not actually supposed to shred, or maul or dismember. Although we always have to take into account handler pathology as well. Too many view their dogs as a weapon of intimidation rather than a useful tool to protect human life. I haven’t seen it lately but we also used to prefer to train them to use their weight and size to knock someone to the ground as well as…or rather than, biting. This is where Rottweilers and Bouviers were useful.

      They’re actually trained to bite and hold or circle and bark at a hidden suspect or grab a weapon hand to release the weapon.

      Sadly, what should be just a useful tool in a toolbox has become wrapped up in egoism and sadistic glee.

  8. They are clearly trying to sweep it under the rug I looked on obituaries mention you’d think there would be a funeral something.,tribute something ….ill ask around some more All very suspicious , possible dog had history of aggression , if you google killed by Dutch shepherd it’s red flags going way back , killing other dogs etc

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