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15 thoughts on “2022 Dog Bite Fatality: Family Dog Kills 1-Year Old Boy in Gentilly Woods Area in New Orleans

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  1. Same story over and over.a family dog pitbull kill a innocent sweet baby. What this like the 18th story of “family dog” pitbull that kill the owner baby niece nephew.maybe we should ban pitbull for good so innocent babies don’t have to died.there this mom on Instagram who have a baby and some type of poodle he play feed lay down with the dog guess what he’s still alive cuz he mom wasn’t dumb enough to or selfish enough to owing a pitbull with her small child.

    • Nightly I see a responsible young boy, ten or twelve. He walks three family poodles. I have zero fear he’s going to get hurt by those friendly well-behaved poodles. I DO have an irrepressible fear that he’ll be murdered–caught in the middle of a pitbull trying to slaughter those poodles.

      Then some pitbull nutter blaming it on the boy, or the poodles or whatever other nonsense excuse the Cult of Pitbull comes up with when a tragedy happens.

      So his responsible mom picked and trained pets for her responsible son and irresponsible pitbull clowns could blow that all away and destroy all their lives in seconds.

      That’s three deaths in three days on Colleen’s blog. And that’s only the ones she’s notified, about.

      When is enough, enough?

  2. Another dead baby. The “cause of death” is pitbull.

    Dead babies. Dead older people.

    When are the pitbull crowd going to accept that these dogs are to humans what lions are to gazelles?

    They are *hunting*. They generally choose the disabled, the small, the physically weak, the humans who don’t pose a threat to them.

    They are hunting humans, mauling them and eating them.

    Humans bred them to do that.

    We made them. Time to unmake them. They are not pets. They’re predators.

  3. Years ago when I was training to be a zoo docent, we were told that the Polar Bear is the only species that hunts Man. We should definitely add Pitbull to that short list.

  4. In this case, the NOPD did the right thing. Thank you, NOPD, for putting public health and safety first.

  5. The parents will suffer, but nowhere near as much as their poor baby did. And they’re probably upset that their pitbull was shot, maybe even more than they are about their child. Parents who allow their pitbulls to kill children should never have another child or pet. They aren’t fit.

    • This pitbull has sable or agouti coat color. The two genes are both dominant and can be hard to tell apart. The only color pattern which indicates mixed breeding in pitbulls is merle.
      This dog looks like a purebred pitbull to me. His markings are seen in many breeds of dogs as well as in pitbulls.

      • Rachel, I am not sure I understand about the pitbull coloring in mixes. There are so many pitbull mixes today.

        Isn’t it safe to speculate a pitbull mix when we see characteristics of, say, a GSD or Malinois with pitbull characteristics?

  6. there is actually some connection to the heat ”mad dogs and Englishmen” etc they don’t have AC in the UK so not that the heat was a cause at all but the stress can become a catalyst for an already angry dog , But as a Pro Trainer i can assure you they know very little about training dogs in the UK its very very backwards hanging them by the neck prong collars as ways to ‘fix” aggression etc , since they don’t have guns there its common to have ”attack dogs” so now ya got all these yahoos training ”attack dogs’;’ its a mess to the point the government has to ban the electric collar due to grotesque abuse

    • Kelly:

      The UK knows very little about training dogs? Are you having me on? The UK was training working dogs before the USA was even a country.

      Why are you lumping every UK trainer into the same box when just as in North America, UK trainers use vastly differing methodologies and have varying philosophies on dog training and are of varying skill levels?

      What does having gun control have to do with who has aggressive dogs or poorly trained protection dogs?

      You are aware that’s where most dog breeding and obedience training was not only invented by the UKC before the AKC existed and that they are still active in the sports area? Have you seen Krupps lately? That the UKC came up with the comprehensive rules for obedience and sports dog trials that were later adapted by the AKC?

      Or that they invented the first guide dogs for the blind?

      Or that they trained war dogs in WWII? And along with Germany, were the early trainers of Shutzhund and using professionally trained dogs in police forces since the turn of the last century? And that unlike American police dogs, don’t have a habit of mauling suspects?

      I’m afraid your understanding of training methods in different countries and history seem to be lacking.

      For the record, it’s incredibly dangerous to “hang a dog” by the prong collar unless you want to risk losing an arm to an agitated dog when the prongs pop off so I don’t know which YouTube loonies you’ve been watching but they clearly don’t understand the use of ecollars or prongs. Then again, YouTube is a mishmash of great trainers of all methods vs. spokesmodel idiots I wouldn’t let near a submissive beagle–never mind a challenging dog. Most are American since YT is primarily USA-based.

      People who are going to abuse dogs are going to find a way to do it. If it’s not an ecollar it’s a newspaper or a stick or their boot and they don’t need to study a method or pay hundreds of dollars for an ecollar to do it. I’ve even seen some I’d call “treat addicts” who just can’t seem to wean themselves off stuffing some chubby old dog just for sitting.

      People who want to train a dog will humanely use whatever tools at their disposal that will do the job with the most positive outcome for the dog and the least amount of force required to ensure compliance.

      None of this has to do with why genetic timebomb bully breeds are murdering people in record numbers this year. While heatstroke can be a problem it’s fairly rare in pet dogs (barring nitwits who leave their dogs in hot cars) and until recently–not a problem in the mild UK weather.


      The UK has about an equal amount of good and idiot dog trainer/owners as everywhere else.

      • Basically ditto to what you said, with a dash of realization the lack of broader comprehension for the Kelly.

      • Since humans have been in working relationships with dogs for millennia, I hardly think the UK was the first culture to practice and train obedience. Training tools are not abuse, unless used abusively.

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