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12 thoughts on “2022 Dog Bite Fatality: Woman Killed by Multiple Dogs in Western Cullman County, Alabama

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  1. Seems odd to me that this woman was out at 2:30am, especially when she knew her neighbor had at least 12 junkyard dogs. Sounds like he was painting the victim to be “eccentric.” Was this a case of her doors not being secured and the dogs muscling their way in?

    As for the attack occurring on her neighbor’s property, we know packs of dangerous dogs drag their victims. How did he have time to shoot the 12 junkyard dogs? Had he already called 911?

  2. Sadly since the death was on the dog owner’s property I doubt there will be charges.
    I suspect the dogs attacked the victim on her property and dragged her over but this will probably go down as “trespassing” and “the dogs doing their job”. For some reason canine booby traps are A-OK as far as the law is concerned. Rig up a shotgun trap and you will go to prison fpr many years. Have a dozen or so attack dogs and usually you wont even get charged.

    • This person was a big part of my family this is still very painful to us there will be justice this man has had several in counters with animal control over these dogs they are what I call dope dogs they give off signals when someone pulls up there are not contained ever!

  3. That fence may be made of metal but it doesn’t look very sturdy. It looks flimsy. Is he implying that maybe the victim set them free? He’s so effusive with his praise for the victim I’m wondering if he’s not talking out of both sides of his mouth.

  4. “He didn’t want to wait for the ambulance, so he drove her to meet them” … yeah sure-he just didn’t want a bunch of personnel showing up on scene nosin’ around before he or someone else in his household had time to straighten up a few things on the property
    And we know how it goes-even when investigators went to check out the scene they weren’t going to find any evidence that attack began on her own property because they wouldn’t look for any such evidence
    She might have heard dogs attacking another animal or pet and went to try and help too and they could also break into her home like Nunzia mentioned-and if she lived alone we will probably never know
    And that whole calling her eccentric-he is trying to paint her as a crazy nut that did crazy things so as to create a certain narrative in case a real investigation takes place to try and explain what situation put the woman outside at 230 am

    • Still not a word on the investigation to the family not one peep I’ve even contacted our sheriff and never got a response guess since it’s not there family it don’t matter

  5. 2:30am??!!

    Did she hear something and go out? Or couldn’t stand the excessive barking and so, went out to tell the dogs to shut up?

    Lab mixes. Uhm….Okay…Sure.

    Mystery? It’s not a mystery that pitbulls and huskies can scale 6ft fences. It happens so often it’s practically a selling point.

    Is there any concrete proof she was ever in the dog owners’ yard?

    Another nice older lady killed by a pack of dogs.

  6. I got $1,000 that says the “lab mixes ” were pit bull mixes! The public is taking their cues from the shelters! I had a lab Rhodesian ridgeback mix and was accused of having a pit bull mix by my insurance agent. I offered to send pictures of my dog but after I went on a rant about the shit bulls he decided I really didn’t have a pit bull! He said that he had a lot of pit bull mixes trying to be passed off as labs! I actually took that puppy to the vet to make sure it wasn’t a pit bull because he was a Rhodesian ridgeback mix and I didn’t know what they were back then! Now though everyone seems to be calling any black pit bull mixes a “lab mix”. I’m sure there will never be as many lab mixes responsible for killing people as in the next few years!

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