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13 thoughts on “2022 Dog Bite Fatality: Elderly Woman Dies After Dog Attack in the Heights Section of Billings, Montana

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    • I was thinking the same thing, Quiet. I highly doubt “the mixes” were doodles, beaglepoos, or even huskerds (shep/husky)

      “Mixed”–how politically convenient…but big enough, powerful enough and vicious enough to shred an elderly woman to death.

      Do we really loathe the elderly in this society so much we will leave them to be eviscerated by dogs that are no tamer than tigers?

  1. Do they mean mixed breed dogs as in pit bull rottweiler doberman pinscher different breed of dogs that killed the poor lady.or do the media means a group of pitbull killed her but they downplay it and labeled it the pitbull as pitbull mixed dog.

    • Sometimes they mean a brindle pit bull mixed with a blue nose pit bull or a tan and white pit bull or gray and white pit bull .

  2. Colleen, I saw your report on the tragic mauling of a 4-yr-old Montana boy in May 2021. You wrote, “The delay in reporting this Montana attack comes during a period where we have seen a sharp decline in media reports of fatal dog maulings.”

    Is the sharp decline due to fewer mauling deaths, or less inclination of the media to check police reports, or police departments’ reluctance to provide dog-mauling reports? It sounds like you may believe it’s the media. That’s what I believe now w the Pet of the Week features on reputable TV news. What’s your best guess now?

    • I think that the sharp decline is due to pressure from the dog industry. There’s a lot of money involved in the sale and promotion of dogs and, likewise, dog food and other dog supplies.

      Follow the money.

      • 1000x THIS, Quiet.

        There’s millions, if not close to billions flowing in to pet care and shelters by people who have refuse to understand that a million dead pitbulls a year cannot be stopped until pitbulls are essentially–outlawed. Because clowns will just keep breeding these dogs for profit until it’s illegal to own them.

  3. Really hoping for more information about this – I have an acquaintance who reacted to the news by saying the victim was probably doing something stupid 🙄 As if.

    • “Lots of evil people out there”- I often read pit owners use as an excuse for a mauling. Blame the previous owner for abusing the dog and not raising it right.

      Blame the victim for triggering the aggression. You should never show fear when around a pit. They don’t like it. It’s insulting to them.

      Even infants are to blame when they’re chewed like a play toy before they can even sit up in the crib. You see the reason this happens is because the pit, with its heightened awareness and senses, KNOWS that the infant is eventually going to become a bad, evil person. Might take 20+ years to see the apple turn bad. Longer than the pits life. But trust your all-knowledgeable pit owner on this. The evil people are everywhere.

  4. The lack of further media report about this leads me to believe that no one cares about this woman’s life. Where is the outcry? Why are the names of the dog owners not being dragged through the mud? Ruled accidental and no charges filed – why are people quietly getting away with killing their neighbors?

    • When I was a member of Billings Animal Control Board we amended the ordinance for “Sec. 4-405.5. – Dangerous animal” to read “The court shall order euthanasia of an animal involved in a fatal attack on a person.” I haven’t been able to find any updates on this attack or anything about the dogs being euthanized. I had moved away a number of years prior to this attack and there is a new AC supervisor, the previous AC and DA were good about enforcing the ordinances.

      • Doug, that amendment sounds simple and clear. I am still waiting for any more information about the slaying of Melitta Hain. The press in Montana demonstrates what it thinks the life of an 84-year-old woman is worth, by not bothering to follow up past the reporting of her identity.

        I know someone in Billings and asked her opinion about the case – she said people who get attacked by dogs are usually doing something stupid. Sickening.

  5. That is good, and understandable. I dearly hope someone will pay for this. I would also like it to be publicized that it was not the victim’s fault. So many dog lovers immediately blame the victim. I would like to see a narrative to counteract that assumption.

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