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7 thoughts on “2022 Dog Bite Fatality: Man Dies After Attack by Two Chained German Shepherds in Doña Ana County, New Mexico

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  1. Yikes. What a warning to dog owners. This is one of those cases in which the dog owner appears to have a hefty chain, an appropriately high and strong 8-foot fence enclosure, not a pack, and a breed of dog known to be tenacious and this happens.

    • I have and have had a lot of GSDs. This is a good natured breed and one of the easiest to train. However, they cannot be
      chained. To them, the individual.represents a teaser. The owner ruined his dogs with his training.
      The dogs deserved humane treatment. They would not have attacked.

      Indianapolis, we saw several GSDs with loose choke chains that buried these chokers so badly that their skin grew in and around the chokers. Their skin grew through the holes in the chokers. I am not going to mention other dog breeds. Some react like GSDs. Some don’t.

  2. Your statistics are great in your articles, and I especially appreciate your detective work on the owner’s backyard area. A great combination for excellent reporting!

  3. Wondering if there’s a dog house on the other side of the fence. Maybe even with the end of the chain attached, with just enough length for the dog to get over and hang itself.

  4. My very 1st thought was that the victim Mr Alanazi was trying to help the hanging dog but, then how did the other dog, still in his caged side, get to Mr Alanazi?

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