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7 thoughts on “Pit Bull Suspected in Death of 41-Year Old Man in McKeesport, Pennsylvania; Police Continue to Investigate

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  1. It is the greatest desire of all local legal authorities, and all local real estate associations, and all local business associations to cover up any and all dog attacks, whether they be moderate injury, severe injury, traumatic injury, or fatal injury dog attacks. Local authorities will state that any and all dog attacks must be further investigated before the obvious truth can be simply uttered, if ever at all. When a dog attack is promptly and fully reported, that is the exception, not the norm. In this incident, the powers that be are primarily strongly motivated to hush it up; and if that is not possible, to willfully fabricate blame on anything other than the obvious attacker, which in this case, is a dangerous breed canine. Next step that these authorities will take is to state that further investigation is needed, and then not utter one more word ever again. All local and national attack dog bite injury statistics are willfully extremely under-reported.
    The neighbors and immediate witnesses know what happened, but the authorities hate to simply state the obvious truth. They will obfuscate, distort, falsify, omit, and abandon the truth.

  2. Possibly the deceased initially succumbed to a cause other than a dog mauling, {such as a drug overdose} and then the hungry dog started to chomp on the victim. Officers show up and see the “resource protective” pit bull, shoot it, and then later piece together the chain of events.

    The no-kill nuts will be all over the cops on this. {as if they wouldn’t, regardless!}

    This is still just speculation and may not be exactly what took place. But ..What a mess.

  3. Dogs don’t attack people because they’re hungry. Too much work. They’re scavengers–normal dogs would rip apart all the trash on the street, first.

    The gruesome exception is they are locked in with a dead body and no food, then they might because it’s the only food source.

    Here is the pitbull problem in a nutshell.

    “My neighbour has lions in his yard, so what? I like lions. Nice lion kitties. Save the Lions/Not my problem.”

    After they’re dead it’s too late to complain about the lions.

    • I have to admit that I think that’s a great idea:.
      “Dangerous Dog Registry”

      Along with the knowledge of the owner that the dog is taken from them on the first biting incident.
      That, and impound all non licensed dogs.

      The streets might be a little safer for us ALL to walk down after that I would think.

    • This is a fun document. Using the find function, here are the results of some of my searches:
      pit – 436
      pitts -78 (as in Pittsburgh, subtract from possible pits)
      pit bull – 299
      pitbull (one word) -39
      bull – 374
      mix -287
      terr – 300
      staff – 15
      Amer 292 (as in American Staff/pit)
      corso – 12
      shep – 63
      Rott – 26
      Labra – 14

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