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4 thoughts on “Man Dies in North Philadelphia After Being Attacked by Four Pit Bulls on Thanksgiving Day

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  1. Watch the surviving pit bulls get pimped out by the local SPCAs. And this isn't just a Philadelphia problem. The Delaware and Chester County SPCAs are also infested with pit pushers.

  2. It really urks me when the cops/press opine that a possible medical condition caused/contributed to a PBRF. They also imply that the deceased is homeless and has a life worth less than other people so "oh well."

    The victim deserves to have his name known and justice to be served whether he was trespassing or not.

  3. It was reported that the victim knew the owner of the pit bulls so rather than trespassing wasn't he likely just visiting?

  4. No one should be allowed to own FOUR pit bulls because no one can control four pit bulls. If your dog(s) kill someone you should absolutely be charged.

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