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13 thoughts on “2021 Dog Bite Fatality: Elderly Woman Dies in Hospital After Being Attacked by Three Pit Bulls in Rural North Carolina

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  1. What is it with pitbulls and elderly woman? Dangerous predatory canines prefer perfect victims. That’s what’s up with pitbulls and elderly woman, in case anyone who is in total denial is wondering. When a totally innocent victim gets maimed or killed by dogs, that is the hugest injustice. Too bad such huge injustice is almost never rectified. The owners just keep on allowing totally innocent people to excruciatingly suffer, because the owners know that they have much less probability of being the victim. Just other people. That makes it ok, in the minds of the evil people who bear unreasonable risk of grave threat to their neighbor. In this case, the evil owner will most likely go unpunished, of course. Because this countries’ entire legal system is geared toward allowing the perfect butcherings and the perfect homicides of babies, children, and the elderly to continue unabated. If the woman shot her attackers, she would be sitting in jail for shooting dogs that “ran up to her to say hi”, in the words of the fabricating owner that are the words that local law loves to hear.

  2. The pit bulls did what their DNA said they should do. They mauled and killed. And they were destroyed for doing exactly what their DNA said. Why do we need them?

  3. I don’t understand why the name and privacy of the pit bulls’ owner(s) are protected. Can anyone explain this to me? When this person’s name is not released, this lowers the chance of someone coming forward to report about a prior incident with their pits. This further allows the owner to deny that the pits were ever aggressive before and get away with manslaughter. This also prevents public shaming which is often the only punishment the owners will face.

  4. Right now, the pit people are finding ways to blame little Jayden and her mother for the fatal mauling. This, as the owners are fighting to get their monsters back. How would they spin this one? Dog protecting her evil off-spring needed to kill an elderly woman getting mail. Let’s face it, the fatal trigger for these killers is a living, breathing human; young, old, disabled or just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  5. My grandmother lived in a house at the end of a road that could be described exactly the same way as Mildred’s. She used to walk to the mailbox, too – it was a normal part of each day. There was nothing to be afraid of. It shouldn’t be dangerous. No one should be ripped apart by the dangerous animals their neighbors are harboring.

    Will Mildred Vaughn’s family raise a fuss about this? Or will everyone shrug and say it was a terrible thing, and that will be the end of it? Her obituary said she loved her pets – was she a dog owner, too? Will people sympathize with the dog owners and the dogs?

    Dogs are very important in our society – they eat a fair portion of the food we raise, their owners spend billions of dollars on them every year, they have multiple parks dedicated to them in many towns. They cover our sidewalks in fecal waste, they kill our human citizens, especially children and the elderly. Oh well, people love their pets.

    • Dogs are more important than elderly woman; not just in American society, but also in British society, too: expressandstar com/news/local-hubs/sandwell/rowley-regis/2021/04/02/police-and-ambulance-called-to-dog-attack-in-rowley-regis/

      Anyone care to guess what breed the neighbours reported them to be?

      By the way, as far as I can see, re the two recent killings of two elderly women on the public street in this country by dogs in just a few days: National news media is as silent as a fish. Because national news media does not want to offend the canine industry that owns them.

  6. This is a law we need in the US – a law against “being the person in charge of a dog dangerously out of control”. Why? Because the UK already HAS a Pit Bull ban. “Under the Dangerous Dogs Act, pit bull terriers are banned from being kept unless the owner is granted a specific exemption.”

    We need both.

  7. Sadly in these cases where an elderly person is attacked, life flighted to hospital and hangs on a few weeks in intensive care and then dies, the family will probably loose the house.

    You can rack up a million dollar hospital bill in no time in intensive care. Even if they had Medicare there is a lot of things they don’t cover.

    • Medicare covers most things. The problem is when the elderly person ends up in a nursing home. Although Medicare covers a substantial amount of nursing home costs, the rest is still a lot of money.

      With a femur fractured into the knee joint, I did not get substantial bills for repair. Unfortunately, I was tossed into a nursing home which did little but charge lots of money. With someone willing to take me in, I told the nursing home money collector, “Good-bye”. The nursing home bill is well into the thousands. Without the help of a friend, I could have gone through all my assets and died in that nursing home. The moral of this story is simply “Don’t break a leg.”

      I have absolutely no idea how much intensive care costs.

  8. So many elderly women lost recently. It’s so sad. And this is yet another example of how we can’t even safely check our mail anymore! This is insane. Only good news here is that the monsters were put down.

  9. How many seniors is this, this year, now?

    If that many walkers were defective and their owners fell downstairs, they’d be recalled already.

    Again, pitbulls go prey mode on the most vulnerable in society.

    Dodge dying of COVID, get mauled by a pitbull. I’d say it’s a war except it’s more like an invasion by a dog breed and its supporters causing too many innocent civilian casualties

    • It is a war.
      A well funded war being fought on multiple fronts.
      They have the media, their lawyers have been allowed to write the dangerous dog laws in most states. On top of all of that animal control has been completely captured.

      It is sad how fast this has all happened.
      I can’t find it now but the HSUS publication “The Last Round” (I think it is archived somewhere here at DB.O said that fight bust dogs should be euthanized, a dog doesn’t have to be 100% APBT to be a fighting pit bull and pits have higher prey drive and “gameness” that makes them dangerous.

      All that went out the window with the Vick bust becase he had money. There was money to be made holding those dogs in solitary confinement until they died of natural causes, yard accidents or whatever.

      Now pits are the best dogs ever except no one can ID one, they are the best for kids but you should never leave a kid alone with any kind of dog ever, that is how it has always been except for when it wasn’t.

      It is sad how alleged animal advocates have completely abandoned any pretense of caring about the victims of pit attacks or even the pits themselves who are rehomed and warehoused again and again until they finally maul someone or somthing bad enough the get put down.

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