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10 thoughts on “2021 Dog Bite Fatality: Man Found Injured, Bloody and Unresponsive After Pit Bull Mauling Near Brooklyn

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  1. Thank goodness they didn’t let them out to kill or injure an innocent pedestrian. Human beings are capable of innately understanding and knowing that dangerous breed canines are dangerous, but they willfully ignore their true instinctive intuition, and harbor dangerous animals, according to their anti social personality defect. If everybody in the neighborhood was prosocial, and not antisocial, there would be no dangerous animals in the neighborhood.

  2. Yeah, the couple “took care of him” all right. A disabled person should not live with power breed dogs. It’s a recipe for disaster.

    • It always seems to be the most vulnerable of people being placed around these demons and winding up severely injured or dead from them. Children, the elderly, the sickly, the disabled. Of all the dogs to have around a person with cerebral palsy, why a bully breed?! Better yet, why MULTIPLE bully breeds???? It’s like people have no common sense anymore.

      • I’ve noticed the same. I think one reason is that pits are just so easy to get. Barely a quarter of all pits are altered, so both intentional and accidental breeding is very common. Most pits have multiple homes throughout their usually short lives, and finding someone giving away a young adult pit is extremely easy. And of course, shelters are practically (and sometimes literally) giving them away. All of this combines to ensure that some of society’s most vulnerable people end up with powerful, risky dogs.

  3. What was the point of using tranquilizers on the pits and transporting them to AC? What? If the medical examiner says the pit bites came after death from an acute medical condition, does this mean they get returned?

    Yes, and when are we going to hear that he may have had a seizure (because seizure disorder is common with CP) and that the dogs were trying to save him?

  4. Two disabled people this week alone. I’m appalled.

    The pitbulls get all kinds of consideration for “why” they kill disabled/elderly people and every chance at life while the disabled/elderly are blamed for having medical conditions that “triggered” the dogs that murdered them.

    Clearly, society values those pitbulls over the disabled/elderly.

    How about this: Triggers belong to the person/animal having them. Triggers aren’t the responsibility of everyone else to avoid. We say that about people but we aren’t saying that about pitbulls or their owners?

    Enough already. This poor human, who appeared to be living in difficult enough conditions, making the best of it–was murdered. By pitbulls. In collusion with the people who kept those pitbulls.

    Euthanizing a dog is painless for the dog. In less civilized times, execution by dismemberment used to be one of the worst punishments meted out to the most vile offenders.

    Yet here we are, treating our most vulnerable people as expendable by the most gruesome death possible because we lack the courage to outlaw a dog breed.

    Civilised, indeed. /s

  5. You watch they will get the dog back and keep passing it off as a service dog.

    Cases like this are why I like the older and cheaper style motels that the rooms have direct access to the parking lot. (I try to always get a room on the first floor). That way you can park your car in front of the door to your room.

    Newer, fancier motels have hallways in side the building for all the rooms. You run the risk of getting mauled by someone else’s dog. Most of the lower price chains have gone “pet friendly” meaning you take your life in to your hands crossing the parking lot at check out time. If if they don’t allow dogs all customers have to do is lie and it magically becomes a service dog.

      • If it makes you feel better, I only ever brought my weener dog, and cats to those motels lol. A lot of them are weight dependant for the dogs. Ive never seen a pitbull at a motel

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