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9 thoughts on “2020 Dog Bite Fatality: Woman Killed by a Pack of Dogs in Walker County, Alabama; Few Details Released

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  1. The owner does not have cognitive stoppage. The owner was not not thinking. The owner was thinking. What was the owner thinking? I bet it goes like this: “My loose dogs menace pedestrians, and threaten pedestrians, but that is OK, because they will stop one inch away and do not actually bite the pedestrian. Therefore, pedestrians and local law just have to live with my loose aggressive dogs.”
    Local law thinking: “Looses aggressive dogs are everywhere, all of the time. But they will not actually bite anyone. That is why we are not going to do anything about it. We all just have to live with loose aggressive dogs.”
    Large quantity of comments on the local police FB page show that everyone was aware of the problem.

  2. Holy crap, the owner needs to be jailed and be banned from owning any other animals. I feel so bad for this family. 4 boys are now without a mother. This is tragic. I hope all of these attacking mutts get put down if they haven’t been already.

    • Agreed. But then you’ll have the dog worshippers mewling about mean people killing dogs. Even when they’re dangerous.

  3. We need to make deadly dog attacks a FELONY with a minimum of 5 years in Prison.
    Pass that and see these dangerous dogs and their idiotic owners disappear out of the equation!

  4. I noticed in the screenshot regarding the fatal bull attack, the owner of the bull was quoted by a commenter as having said (after the attack) that the bull “wouldn’t hurt a fly” and was the owner’s “baby.” Sound familiar? Such comments sound exactly like pit owner lingo. Note also that the bull was not destroyed after killing a human but was passed on to another owner. Again, sounds just like a pit owner!

  5. Yeah I wasn’t sure how to respond to it either.

    Thought it was my comprehension.

    Couldn’t determine whether a pet bull attacked or a pitbull or both and on what occasions.

    Either way, some owner needs to get a serious grip because they have murder beasts running loose.

    At least one could make a nice stew out of the bull. The pitbull is less useful.

  6. I wish the breed of the bull had been listed. Why? Most dairy bulls are extremely dangerous. Most beef bulls are not dangerous. Breed matters. A mature bull is worth a lot of money for slaughter.
    ($1,000 +/-). If one shoots the bull, he/she must dispose of the body which is by burying (lease equipment to bury him or hire someone with the equipment) or by paying a pickup service to remove the body.

    Most people would probably send the bull to slaughter. My question is why was the bull loose at all? The bull’s owner was very negligent.

    Although farmers tend to send dangerous beef bulls to slaughter, most likely wouldn’t send a dairy bull to slaughter because it’s dangerous simply because they are all dangerous.

    In today’s world, most dairy bulls are kept in facilities where semen is collected and frozen. Most dairy cows are bred by artificial insemination.

    So just as the breed of dog matters, the breed of cattle matters. The biggest difference is that bulls are selected for physical traits they can pass on to their progeny whereas there is no selection for anything in a pack of dogs. The strongest breeding dog sires the most puppies.

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