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18 thoughts on “$4,500 Reward for Information Leading to Arrest and Indictment of Pit Bull Owner in Atlanta after 'Dog Attack and Dash'

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  1. Lack of knowledge is not the problem. Lack of education is not the problem. The Suspect knew that the dangerous dog was dangerous. No one needed to make sure that the dangerous dog owner was educated and informed and supplied with knowledge. People who choose dangerous animals do not do so because they are ignorant. People who select dangerous animals as pets do so because they display their hate for self and neighbor and family by doing so. The problem is lack of love for ones neighbors. The Suspect showed hate for neighbors, by knowingly and willfully choosing a dangerous animal as a pet. The Suspect showed hate for neighbor by fleeing the bloody scene. If the Suspect was a loving person, the Suspect would have chosen a loving animal as a pet, instead of choosing a universally recognized dangerous animal as a pet. I am not shocked that the hateful person behaved liked a Spiritually Bankrupt person. Spiritually bankrupt people live and walk among us, and they bear their dangerous animals in an uncontrolled manner, in such a way as to force risk of grave tragedy upon every other human being.

  2. There was a somewhat similar attack here in San Francisco on March 25, 2020, though the owner was identified and did participate in the vicious and dangerous dog hearing on the pit bull last week.

    The pit bull had broken free from its handler and attacked a woman and her dog in a recreational area. The 5′ 7″ woman picked up her dog to protect it and the pit bull was able to jump up and bite her ear, causing a “horrific” injury (the hearing officer’s description based on a photo), along with other injuries to her arm. The 16-year-old girl with the pit bull at the time–the daughter of the owner’s girlfriend–fled the scene without providing any information and, in addition to other medical treatment, the victim had to get the rabies shots.

    It wasn’t clear at the hearing how the owner was tracked down. The decision is pending on this case.

  3. I’ve watched this video a few times and I am not sure if the suspect is female or MTF and I am not saying that trying to be disparaging; it’s just a description of the suspect. I also had to look up 535. There is apparently a BMW 535 series car but also 535 means a guardian angel and love in the psychic/spiritual realm. Who knew?

    I for one am also confused at how the police could have the license plate number and not released the name of the suspect. Maybe they’re just trying to figure out where this person is staying in the Atlanta location. I would think fleeing the scene constitutes knowing that you have a vicious dog.

  4. I’m so sick of this nonsense. In 2020, leashes are made that will restrict a dog. People with pit bulls seem to be unwilling to properly control their dogs. Why? I hate that the local PetSmart supports pit bulls handled by children in its stores. If one complains, one gets booted out of the store and the pit bull’s owner is rewarded. The pro pit bull folks (Adopt Don’t Shop) have amazing control. In my opinion, the worst is yet to come.

    • The fact is, sadly, that although cripple harnesses and head halters can force a dog’s compliance, they still are worse than useless if a dog chooses to attack.

      They were originally designed as short term measures so that people wouldn’t be pulled into traffic or knocked over by exuberant dogs, while they were training them to “heel”.

      The actual outcome has been a crapton of lazy people using them to confine the dog, while never actually putting in the effort to train it.

      Both can lead to permanent physical damage from un-natural walking gaits, if used over long periods of time.

      The solution to pitbull attacks is phasing pitbulls out.

      The solution to dogs that pull–is training them to heel, no matter what distractions are appealing to them.

      Sadly, in this day and age, when it comes to dogs, idiotic sentiment trumps common sense.

  5. I’m very confused as to how this woman’s face, dog, car, and license plate can all be seen in photos and videos, yet she still can’t be located. What are these cops doing? It really needs to be a law that if an owner flees the scene of a dog attack that the dog should be automatically taken and euthanized once the owner is found. If you’re not responsible enough to stay and help the victim after your dog attacks, you should lose right to have the dog.

  6. What do folks think of the recent murder of a female postal worker in Indianapolis because the post office had stopped delivering mail to a house due to a dangerous dog being there. The man who shot her was the dog’s owner. He had received three written notices from the post office advising him to put the dog up or he would get no mail. He confronted the mail carrier. The breed of dog wasn’t listed. To me, this is a dog related fatality. The shooter has been charged with second degree murder.

  7. That dog is exhibiting hunting for prey/searching behavior all over that video. A dog that is criss-crossing ahead of the leash is in *hunting* mode.

    And clearly, in this case, it’s hunting humans. Yet the fool dog owner is holding an extenda-lead and clearly has zero idea about dog behaviour and doing nothing to stop it.

    I wouldn’t be in the least surprised if this wasn’t this dog’s only attack, either.

    I also fail to understand how, since they have the license plate number, as well as the time and date of the attack…they can’t find the pitbull owner.

  8. Nearly every state’s statutes on dog bites were written prior to the flood of pit bulls and similar large-bodied bulldog breeds as family pets. The old statutes were penned when a “dog bite” usually meant a single puncture wound, not chunks of flesh being separated from a victim, and certainly not “death or dismemberment by dog bites” as we are now seeing. All states need their statutes revisited and reworded to handle the current prevalence and style of attacks by dangerous dogs. It will be a lot of work, but it needs to be done.

  9. Soon it will be 2 months. Looks like she got away with it. I wonder if they even followed up with the DMV in Ohio? Is that particular car registered to a woman? If so what is her driver’s licence pic? If the car is registered to a black female her name should be broadcast nation wide as a “person of interest”. She should be brought in for questioning. “Were you driving your car on that date, if not who was?” Get a warrant for her phone records, was she in Atlanta that day? Anyone who has watched “The First 48” or “The Forensics Files” knows this case might be easily solved.

    How is this a just misdemeanor? A “maul and run” without providing vaccination records should be the same as a hit and run. Sadly I don’t know of any state that a dog owner is required to remain at the scene of an attack. A gun shot to the victim could have caused less damage. Dog laws need updated to reflect the damage pits and other breeds frequently inflict. Providing proof of vaccination needs to stop being optional.

    If we are going to allow people to carry weapons that can pull their own triggers and do the same amount of damage as a land mine plus infect the victim with deadly diseases there has to be some responsibility to go along with that “right”.

  10. There are videos online (a couple but I’m talking of a specific incident) a fully blind man and his yellow Labrador, a seeing guide dog being viciously attacked by a pitbull terrier… sort of walking through a tunnel? sorry I’m really bad with ‘tech’ to send/find a link…anyway, sure the owner tried to intervene but his dog was relentless and couldn’t stop itself from mauling the Lab. when will this shit ever end? The man really thought his dog was a ‘pibbles’ and under his control…😞 not in the slightest…

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