$4,500 Reward for Information Leading to Arrest and Indictment of Pit Bull Owner in Atlanta after 'Dog Attack and Dash'

Video shows the suspect leaving the scene after a vicious "dog attack and dash" in Atlanta. Police Increase Reward Atlanta, GA - On April 2, Lane Pilcher and her dog Banjo were walking along a popular trail in Atlanta called the BeltLine when a pit bull "barking very aggressively" broke free from its owner and attacked Pilcher and her dog. "All I had time really to do was grab my dog, pick him up and turn my back toward this dog that was coming at me," Pilcher told CBS 46. She picked up B… [Read full blog post]

Orlando Woman Suffers Catastrophic Pit Bull Injury; Amputations Expected

Ian Summers, 30, faces felony burglary charge after vicious pit bull attack in Orange County. Two Amputations UPDATE 02/16/12: A new arrest report reveals the victim's left leg was amputated below the knee, and her left arm below the elbow. The fleeing "dog expert," Ian Summers, now faces a felony burglary charge after authorities deemed him to be an unwelcome trespasser, not a resident, when he brought Robin Johnson to the home on February 10. The home's primary tenant told… [Read full blog post]

Report: Dog Attacks on Livestock and Horses January - May 2008

Seattle, WA - DogsBite.org, a national dog bite victims’ group dedicated to reducing serious dog attacks by creating common sense laws, has released its first report on dog bite trends. The report details the occurrence of dog attacks on livestock and horses in the United States from January 1st through May 20th of 2008. View full report:Report: Dog Attacks on Livestock and Horses January - May 2008 The report shows the results of dog attacks on livestock have been devastati… [Read full blog post]