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8 thoughts on “2017 Dog Bite Fatality: Bangor Infant Injured by Family Dog Pronounced Dead

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  1. I'm always curious when the offending dog is just listed as a mix. I'm still wondering about the 3 shepherd mixes that killed the little one in El Paso. Of course, shepherds have been known to kill people, so it's possible this is a shepherd/Lab or something similar.

  2. I wouldn't trust a GSD or Husky with a baby, but Husky's in particular are know to have a high prey drive. And being a guest in someone else's home is also a danger sign.

  3. It always bothers me so much when killing attacks by family dogs are called "accidents". I know they use this term for legal reasons, but it minimizes the seriousness and ferocity of such an attack. My neighbor's dog, a German Shepherd, was playing fetch and ran over their 2 year old, breaking the child's collarbone. That was an accident. The dog didn't target the child. She knocked him down accidentally in her eagerness to chase a ball. An accident is something that makes you say, "Oops." There is no "oops" when a dog goes into a child's bed and kills it.

  4. Ugh, I hate huskies and shepherds. Both are dangerous to keep around small children. They have high prey drive and will kill smaller beings if given the chance. Poor child, lost his life because his parents didn't make the choice to get a dog safe to be around children or at the very least make sure there was no way their huge, prey driven dog couldn't get near the baby.

  5. I have first hand experience with huskies ability to turn on animals smaller and weaker than they are. They won't hesitate. That quirk doesn't go away just because the victim is a child. Huskies will and do attack other animals and children.

  6. So much criticism is aimed at small dog breeds, yet Papillons aren't jumping into babies' bassinets to kill them. Parents really need to think about what kind of dogs they allow around their children and not just believe the fairy tale stories about big dogs protecting their families, being gentle giants, letting kids crawl all over them, etc., and being safe or safer for little ones.

  7. I love husky and shepherd type dogs, they can make great pets, but they do have high prey drive and shouldn't be trusted alone with young children or small pets (including small dogs).

    Many are good with children and never harm their family's babies but the potential for severe injury is just too great to risk it in my opinion (after all, all the killers have been "fine" up until the point they are not).

    I honestly wouldn't let a baby this young interact with any pets (including cats) as even a minor scratch could become infected easily and lead to serious illness.

    I remember when I was young dogs and cats were always shut out of a room a baby was sleeping in, and baby was never allowed on the floor with the dogs (even tiny rat dogs) or allowed to touch the dogs or cats, as aside from the worry of teeth and claws coming in contact with soft baby skin, it was considered unhygienic to let the pet saliva / hair etc get in contact with the baby. Seems quite a lot has changed since I was young :/

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