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5 thoughts on “Quebec Government Introduces Legislation to Ban Pit Bulls, Several Other Breeds, Province-Wide

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  1. This is a huge loss for the well-financed American pit bull lobby. Quebec is not to be messed with.

  2. A big problem for Canada that needs to be fixed is the influx of dangerous and sick dogs from American shelters and "rescue" groups.

    In their efforts to protect dog breeders and dog fighters, some shelters and too many "rescues" have simply become dog dealers, and cruelly dump surplus in Canada to try to hide the problems.

    It is abusive and dangerous for people and pets and it needs to be regulated.

  3. I wish this type of rationality and intelligence were more prevalent in the States. Unfortunately the depraved sickos who keep pushing their serial killer dogs on society are, as YQN stated, well funded and don't utilize facts the way the rest of us do. I hope this sets a major precedent for all dangerous dog legislation here on, and I hope it IS a huge blow to the lunacy of the pro pit lobby.

  4. The next big game changer will come from the insurance industry.

    You say that your dog is a boxer mix? Well, your insurance company will send someone out to photograph it. Just like they do when you're asking for new coverage on your house.

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