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14 thoughts on “2016 Dog Bite Fatality: New Dog Kills 4-Year Old Child, Injures Mother in Southwestern Michigan

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  1. Here's is the big difference: Doberman attacks, particularly FATAL ones, are RARE. Pit bull attacks, and particularly FATAL ones, are ROUTINE.

  2. I expect if we get to see a photo of this initially alleged "Doberman mix" that we are going to see a black and tan pit bull……

  3. If they thought it was a Doberman mix, it seems likely it was Rottweiler mix of some sort.

  4. Ka D, was there a follow-up article that we can leverage a description from?

  5. I went to the rockofages kennel website and a chill ran up my spine. These people aren't going to stop until they taint every breed with this demon DNA.

  6. All I've ever had were Dobermans. They are the best breed of dog, to me at least. This is such a sad story, and I too would Ike to see a picture of this supposed Doberman mix. Poor baby, and the poor mother, I can't imagine.

  7. I wish I could post a photo here of what looks like a dalmation with a pit bull head that won a recent contest. It's described as a shepherd mix.

  8. I am Kiyana stepmom and ran across this post.I am not sure of the details of the dog but the one thing I do know is our "Baby Girl" was put in a situation caused by poor decision. Her dad and I struggle so much with the events that took our little girl away. Her mom brought this dog to their home without letting anyone know. We were getting ready to pick her up the next day for our time with her. WHY? What can I do to bring awareness to parents so they consider the risk. I've started a blog in hopes that it will be seen around the world. We need her death to bring something positive. Please visit my page so we can start bringing awareness in as many forums as possible. We are so lost without her.

  9. Thank you Colleen. We want to do everything we can to bring awareness so thank you for sharing with the victims advocacy network. If there is anything we can do please let me know

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