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20 thoughts on “2016 Dog Bite Fatality: Newborn Dies After Being Bitten by Family Dog

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  1. I still have her facebook page open and am reading it. Just shocking.

    She says " he was trying to see the baby but I pushed him away, bu he was happy and wagging his tail around him" "and was guarding him from everyone to protect him too"

    Guarding a baby is NOT appropriate behavior for any dog in any household.

  2. She is definitely at odds with some in her family.

    She posted the following on her Facebook- I added the asterisks to the F words

    Kristy Grim
    23 hrs ·
    You find out who you're true family is at times like this. Sometimes "real" family isn't real. Especially when you have ignorant botched like my niece Britanny. Going through a really tough time now and she's gonna say were sick and should all be punished for the babies death. F** her."

    Kristy Grim
    Yesterday at 3:55pm ·
    So apparently my half "brother" Truman said it's my fault the baby died and I should have never been allowed to bring the baby home. He can go to he'll. I don't need this right now. F*** him. No longer family.

    Kristy Grim
    19 hrs ·
    Whoever reported me to the police for Making suicidal videos is an asshole. I never posted such a thing thank you. I was scared as fuck thinking they were.gonna take me away. People lying and causing when I'm dealing with this tragedy.
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    Delorese Grim
    Delorese Grim Wow
    1 · 19 hrs
    Kristy Grim
    Kristy Grim I wish I knew who it was but I have a feeling it was a family member
    1 · 19 hrs

  3. Dogs are a product of their environment. She obviously doesn't have the cognitive ability to know better than to put a baby in a laundry basket, so one can assume that she isn't capable of properly training one dog let alone five.

  4. Houses packed with dogs, possibly breeding them, possibly picking them up freestyle from animal control that just offloads them to anyone

    We see this scenario over and over, whether it is breeders, private households, or No Kill hoarders or "sanctuaries."

    There need to be ground rules for this.

    There needs to be breeder licensing, there need to be rules for having large numbers of dogs, there needs to be social worker visits, there needs to be some civilization to all this.

    I am also disturbed by comment "at least it wasn't a pit bull." What a completely strange comment for her to make. It makes me wonder what it was.

    • People have to come first. It is high time that we stopped catering to the dog industry.

  5. She had put the baby in a laundry basket to sleep. Then I scroll down and see two pics of dogs in laundry baskets. She put the baby in one of the dog's beds! Some dogs are possessive of things like that. I don't know if these dogs have any pit in them or not. What a screwed up situation all around.

  6. The dog is a shepherd mix, could be mixed with anything. I saw all the photos of the dog in the laundry baskets and immediately thought the dog must have been confused and territorial towards the baby, which is the mother's fault. I do not know in what universe one would think it is ok to put a baby in the same basket a dog usually sleeps in. Lack of common sense is the problem.

  7. The baby's injuries were all to his face…its apparent that the dog tried to move him.
    Mother just gave birth,arrived home the night prior. Anyone knows how this is with a new born. Excitement,overwhelmed and sleep deprived…results in not using good judgment. Plus, not enough introduction time to the family pets.
    Its a unfathomable, horrific accident and no doubt mom is in a zombie/shock mode.
    None of us would want to be in her place right now.

  8. This baby was my nephew. I talked to Krissy about stuff while she was pregnant she was always complaining that she didn't have food and was hungry. He mother wanted her out and didn't want the baby to be there that night. The father wanted to take the baby and she wouldn't let him. He was worried about the household and the dogs. He knew of one that was vicious. She told me in a message that the baby was in the dogs bed. I'm so angry and upset by this. They should have never let that baby come home with her. I don't even know if she was prepared to be able to feed him at home. I'm just sick and too far away to have done anything about it.

  9. Heather, she mentioned that the dog responsible for this was her brother's dog.

    Why did she have so many dogs in this household? Where did they come from?

    I am sorry for your family's loss.

  10. This is a tragic story. An innocent new born here and gone within a matter of hours. A young naive incompetent mother making a series of mistakes, struggling for food let alone a place to stay the night with her hours old infant. A grandmother who wanted her daughter and grandchild out of her house, and who didn't think or care to protect the baby either? And finally a dog, a pet, one of five, as a culprit. Tho… there are many culprits in this sad sad story. I hope the girl is being given some professional counseling before this story gets even worse.

  11. To the admin, owner, creator, of this site… I came here to see what was so misleading about this site (per pit bull advocates description). I find no bias, no junk statistics, etc. If anything, it is perhaps one of the most informative and thorough sites I've come across. Once again I am baffled by their adamant denial of fact and science, coupled with a complete lack of logic and reasoning. Not to mention empathy, which often seems feigned if present at all. This is a whole new sub-set of our culture I didn't previously know existed.

    Great site, champion on…

  12. This story truly sickens me. This baby got only 3 days in this world. And to be taken out in such and painful way is extremely heartbreaking. Not to mention that this death, like SO MANY others was completely preventable. Now I know the mother was going through tough times and whatnot, but I cannot excuse her negligence. How in the hell do you put your baby in a laundry basket, that your dogs use as beds no less, and leave him alone while you go sleep on the couch? In a house with 5 freaking dogs. That is completely unacceptable. If anything, this woman should be charged with negligence at the very least.

    I've seen reports saying that the killer dog in question crushed the baby's skull. At first that screamed pit to me, but honestly at 3 days old, any large breed dog could have done this. I'm in no way suggesting it wasn't a pit or similar breed, though. Heck, to me, any "mixed breed" dog that kills someone is a pit unless proven otherwise. The fact that they still haven't said anything with regards to the breed makes me even believe even more that the dog had some bully breed DNA blood.

    This is a tragic situation all the way around. I'll be praying for this baby's family.

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