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4 thoughts on “2013 Dog Bite Fatality: Baby Dies in Columbus, Injuries Consistent with Dog Attack

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  1. Interesting notes on the shiba temperament:

    The Misanthropic Shiba
    THE BAD: This is a high-strung, highly prey-driven breed with little patience for rough handling. They are not ideal toddler’s pets and do best with older, respectful children. They can be aggressive towards other pets unless socialized very early. They may never learn to accept animals outside of their pack after they become adults. They are extremely independent and, while learning obedience commands quickly, will never listen to a thing you say once they are running free. If left to their own devices, they will bark, dig, and chew.

    The Shiba Inu was bred to be a hunting dog for the ancient people of Japan. These dogs can be strong willed and without proper socialization and obedience training may not be the breed for everyone. With proper training Shibas are wonderful, loyal usually long lived companions. Shibas can be active but also quiet. They need activity to keep them happy and can be a good family dog but older children do best with this breed. This breed loves to go for walk but can never be off leash because of its hunting tendencies.

  2. I will be interesred in seeing updates on this story.

    I can not imagine sleeping with a baby next to you and not being woken up by the dog(s)killing the child.

  3. My sympathies to the family. That being said, I have to wonder about the judgment of a father that falls asleep on a couch with a 3-month old, even if there aren't dogs around. There's too much probability that he could roll over & crush the infant, or she could fall on the floor (which was in fact what happened).
    Then add to that 2 hunting dogs bit her while she was right next to him, and he slept through the whole thing!
    I know this is a grievous time for this family, but I have to say it sounds like there was a fair amount of negligence here…this seems that it was very preventable.

  4. Its not hard to imagine falling asleep on the couch while holding a 3 month old. Ask any parent what its like when you sleep deprived, and holding a fussy infant.

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