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12 thoughts on “2011 Dog Bite Fatality: 20-Month Old Child Killed by Aunt's Pit Bulls in West Haven

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  1. Three Pits and a Baby…

    Who can forget when defective Nanny dog "Rampage" killed Tevin Williams back in 1994?!?

    Amberwood Associates was mauled with a $7.5 Million wrongful death judgement. It's amazing that these landlords still rent to Pit owners!

    174th American killed by a Pit Bull since the CDC assured us that "it's not the breed" back in 1998. Either they were corrupt or incompetent.

  2. I guess someone doesn't want to get busted, "Neveah was an angel," said Gwenda Bryant, the girl's grandmother and Hobdy's mother. "And God just wanted his angel back." As the Facebook commenters are saying at the story, "That's disgusting."

  3. Wonder if the toddler was left unattended while Aunt Pittie was typing "Pit Bulls were once Nanny Dogs" on an attack thread?!?

  4. Aunt Pittie's rationalizations are ghoulishly reminescent of California Pit Breeder Maureen Faibish after her maulspawners killed her 12 year old son back in 2005:

    "It (was) Nicky's time to go," she told the San Francisco Chronicle. "When you're born, you're destined to go, and this was his time."

    Hard to believe 114 Americans have been killed by Pit Bulls since Nicholas was killed in June 2005…At some point these have to be legally considered murders.

  5. Pit bull owner Erica Hobdy and aunt of the deceased child offers a revolting pity story in this video:

    That the owner of these pit bulls is speaking on behalf of this dead child and her family is beyond belief. "Something just happened" and "I'm still in shock." I bet you're in shock and I bet you spent YEARS DEFENDING your pit bulls as MISUNDERSTOOD wiggle butts.

    I also don't buy the, "I bought the three pit bulls when they were puppies" line. Sure, it's possible (as is my flying to the moon), but also quite unusual to get three pit bulls. One usually gets two and then makes more — lots more by breeding.

    For probably a whole lot of reasons, police are still seeking information: "Moscato asked that anyone with information on the case or the dogs call the Police Department at 203-937-3900."

  6. The significant thing about this one is that negligent homicide charges were brought due to these dogs previously attacking a neighborhood dog….An intentionally bred in characteristic of the Pit Bull.

    "The warrant says two of the dogs involved in the mauling, King and Trina, attacked a terrier as it walked on a leash last year and were barred from walking outside without a leash or muzzle.",0,230337.story

    Godspeed to the prosecutors!

  7. It's sad that the women who lost her poor baby had another beautiful lil girl and guess what pet she has….a pit bull!!! Why in God's name would you do that??!! Sick just plain sick and dangerous!!!

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