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One thought on “Blog Dispels 'ATTS' Myth Used as Arsenal by Pit Bull Advocates

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  1. "The ATTS was NEVER designed to evaluate dogs to determine their suitability as family pets. It is designed to evaluate dogs for bitework…protection sports like French Ring and Shutzhund. It is commonly used to evaluate dogs that will be ultimately used as police canines."

    This test was supposed to be a screening test used by trainers. It was designed to be a "short cut" to allow trainers to take an untried dog and test it to see if the dog was a worthwhile candidate for training.

    It was never meant to prove that a dog was good around children or with other animals.

    The truth blog just exposed and killed this test. What a wonderfully huge mountain of evidence that the ATTS is worthless!

    Thank you! Just as we hear nothing about bloodhounds, the truth blog has now killed the ATTS!

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