Blog Dispels 'ATTS' Myth Used as Arsenal by Pit Bull Advocates

The ATTS Hoax - Since August, The Truth About Pit Bulls blog has dispelled several myths disseminated by pit bull advocates to distort the truth about pit bulls, including the Bloodhound and Nanny dog myths. On New Years Day, the site released a post about the American Temperament Testing Society (ATTS). Though ATTS test result data is not based upon a scientific random sampling of any dog breed, pit bull advocates use the misleading data to support their cause.… [Read full blog post]

Pit Bull Attacks Owner 24 Hours After Adoption from Humane Group

"Hydraulic Press" Grip Coer D'Alene, ID - It was recently reported that a pit bull adopted from the Kootenai Humane Society severely attacked its new owner 24 hours after the adoption. The unlucky new owner, Kip Legaard, lost two pints of blood in the attack. He's now angry because the humane group told him that the pit bull named Mojo would make a good family dog. "The lady's like he's so sweet, so sweet, so sweet," Kip said. That is until the dog suddenly attacked him. "All of a sud… [Read full blog post]

Comment: High Marks on the ATTS Test is Pit Bull Propaganda - An commenter recently left a message about the rarely used, but commonly known to pit bull owners, ATTS temperament test. We describe this test and the group's temperament data being objectively statistically unreliable in our Pit Bull Myths section (myth #9). Pit bull advocates frequently use this misleading data to point to the breed's good temperament and to advocate against breed-specific laws ("Pit bulls pass the ATTS test more often than beagles!")… [Read full blog post]