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6 thoughts on “Fort Worth Pit Bull Owner, Steven Woods, Pegged as Fraudulent

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  1. (12/28/10) I'm concerned about his former attorney, as well as the no-killers. Unlike Ben Teichberg, Bella's owner, Woods did not call the city a "dog murderer" and other names designed to inflame the nutters, his attorney, however, did. Turner's emails are all over the Internet. I especially like the last one, when he bows out. "I hope you can appreciate my situation." But I can't, he made his own bed!

    (12/14/10) "This is the worst case of malicious prosecution I have seen. Steven was told by the city attorney yesterday that that decision “comes from the top”, which obviously means someone way high up in city government." Turner wrote. At what point was Turner going to mention Obama or the CIA? "The city was outraged over the bad publicity it received in this case and has obviously launched a vendetta…"

    (12/14/10) "If anyone would like to let the city of Fort Worth know how they feel about this vindictive prosecution of a disabled American war hero here are the contacts. I am only sending this email to a few people and a couple of groups so please feel free to forward." And they did. Turner also supplied email addresses to city officials to ensure onslaught and harassment from nuttery and "no-kill" groups.

    "The case became curious fodder in the blogosphere [writes the Star-Telegram 12/24/10], which Turner used to retry his side in public. He said Mimi was a therapy dog essential to Woods' recovery from wounds suffered on the battlefield. Within days, sympathizers responded. Woods said he received more than $18,000 to make the necessary upgrades to his house to keep the dog."

    I rest my case. There's more interesting stuff in that Star-Telegram article as well, such as Woods claiming sexual harassment…

  2. usually, i will happily redirect my aggression towards the attorneys involved with pit nutters and dog fighters but i almost feel sorry for this one. maybe it's the holidays that are making me generous.

  3. Randy Turner the Fort Worth, Texas lawyer for Woods did not drop him as a client until a few days after he found out he was a total fraud. At first he tried to spin it as "negative media attention" from the City in retaliation for the negative media attention the lawyer threw at the City. Unbeknown to most he continued to help Woods until at least the middle of January 2011. More info here and here.

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