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2 thoughts on “2010 Dog Bite Fatality: Murrieta Man Dies from Pit Bull Attack Injuries

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  1. The big question is


    This is a vital piece of information in the investigation.

    Did this dog have a previous attack history? Was it purchased from a dog fighter breeding and selling dangerous dogs? Did a rescue or shelter adopt out a dangerous dog?

    If so, there are more deaths waiting to happen.

    In any case of sudden death, there is a complete investigation.

    The investigation is not complete without finding out the source of this dog.

  2. Riverside County has a nasty pit bull problem and the Riverside County Animal Control Director, Robert Miller, is a not-so-closet No-Killer. It's unclear what actions Murrieta animal control will take, they're still suffering from the genital mauling (charges were dismissed against the mother)

    "The judge did not allow testimony from police about child protective services having removed McKinney's two older children from her custody within a week before the dog attack."

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