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20 thoughts on “2008 Dog Bite Fatality: 2 Pit Bulls Attack, Kill 60-Year-Old Rubidoux Man

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  1. Put THAT on the side of a pack of cigarettes. “Smoking is hazardous to your health and may cause death… from pit bulls.”

  2. Remember what Merritt Clifton says about pit bulls being different from other aggressive breeds because they kill adults frequently. Other breeds involved in fatal attacks have victims who are small children, not adults.

    Ban the deed, restrict the breed.

  3. “Pit Ownership is like drunk driving…”

    “Take a Cab, Buy a Lab!

    Every twenty days…..but soon we will be reading about the Pom that killed a newborn back in 1998.

  4. California has had five DBRFs in the past Two years…

    All by Pit Bull wigglebutts!

    Much like Texas and Florida the pre-emptive Anti BSL provisions weaseled into Law by the Breeder Lobbies has failed.


  5. Hate to see anyone mauled to death…but in a manner reminescient of an IED manufacturing lab blowing up in Iraq, it is beneficial that this man killing Pit-Proliferation sleeper cell terminated before innocent civilians were hurt.

    Can’t wait to read the “White Wash Jimmy” report on this one!

  6. Whitewash Jimmy story:

    This was an unfortunate and inexcusable incident. The adult Dogs; “Murder” and “Mayhem”, were concerned about the health effects of second hand smoke on their litter caused by the victims smoking. Once Murder started mauling the man to defend his pups,Mayhem became excited and joined into the defensive action. The victim’s screams and struggling exacerbated the situation, resulting in this fatality.

    Clearly, this incident had nothing to do with breeding Pit Bulls to bite and shake things to death for two centuries. In 1998 a Pomeranian killed a newborn baby.

  7. The 52nd American killed by a Pit Bull in the past three years…Wonder if the dogmen in charge of breeding standards will have a safety summit and discuss breeding standards?

  8. I wonder if he takes vacation from Bay County Animal Control or the Bay County taxpayers are being suckered into footing the bill for this?

  9. As far as the Pomeranian story goes…I read on a message board when it first happened that the dog involved was a Pomeranian mix, who weighed just under 20 lbs. Its really hard to find any corroberation regarding the dog’s actual breed. It is very unlikely that the dog was a pure-bred Pom, who weigh about 5 lbs, if he weighed just under 20.

    The story was picked up and has been repeated so many times, its become more of an urban legend. The poster on this particular board claimed to have spoken to AC in the town where it happened. The owner reported the breed of the dog, it wasn’t determined by AC.

    It makes much more sense that the dog was a mixed breed, larger dog; it always strained credibility that a 5 pound dog could do that much damage.

  10. Breeding fighting dogs

    When are we going to crack down on people breeding at will in their backyards.

    Aren’t there health code restrictions? Zoning laws? Are we the Third World?

    These kinds of things need to be regulated

  11. It was my understanding that the Governor shot down the California anti-bsl law? It doesn’t exist anymore?

  12. The backyardbreeder was probably in the process of creating the Ultimate Manstoppers. Let’s hope they cull the puppies too.

  13. Although, I am far from happy about this fatal mauling, I can’t get too worked up about it. At some level people need to take responsibility for the risk they assume. You know, it is kind of like mountain climbing. It is a risky activity.
    The real issue for me is the risk that pit nutters force people like Kelly Caldwell, Cheryl Harper and Wendy Blevins to assume.

  14. Whitewash Jimmy Quote: “The adult Dogs; “Murder” and “Mayhem”, were concerned about the health effects of second hand smoke on their litter caused by the victims smoking.”

    WTF???? Am I reading this correctly? Is this pit nutter actually claiming that THE DOGS were concerned about the second hand smoke??? OMG — this has got to be the craziest statement I’ve ever seen from a nutter. Rationalization at it’s finest! Talk about being in la-la land.

  15. The White Wash Jimmy quote was a preemptive spoof by a DBO member….When the real one comes out…it will be a Fable crafted to distract away from the breed of these two “wigglebutts”.

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