Fort Worth Pit Bull Owner, Steven Woods, Pegged as Fraudulent

From left: Steven Woods, his pit bull (in pink) and former attorney Randy Turner. Dogs Euthanized UPDATE 08/11/11: Pit bull owner Steven Woods recently made the local news again after his two dogs got loose and attacked a man walking with his pregnant wife and young son. Luckily, victim Gary Latimer had a defense weapon handy. When the male pit bull, King, locked onto his arm, he stabbed the dog repeatedly. The other pit bull, Mimi, who was the focal point of the Steven Woods scan… [Read full blog post]

2010 Dog Bite Fatality: Houston-Area Baby Girl Killed by Family Rottweiler

Jeannette Vaughn, 3-months old, was killed by one of her family's rottweilers. Criminal Charges Unlikely UPDATE 12/21/10: New information reveals that baby Jeannette Vaughn was inside the home when one of the rottweilers pushed through a washing machine and a heavy slab of marble and mauled the infant to death. In a separate article, Chris Glaser of Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care (BARC)1 was quick to point out to reporters, "You can't judge the family unles… [Read full blog post]

Man Erects Large Pit Bull Warning Sign After His Dog is Attacked

From left: Rock Ward, his warning sign, Trouble and it's owner, Collins Tully. A Brewing FeudTyler, TX - In what may turn into a long standing feud between neighbors, a man named Rock Ward recently erected a large wooden sign alerting residents to two nearby pit bulls. Ward created the sign after one of Collins Tully's1 two pit bulls, Trouble,2 attacked his own dog Wolfgang. Collins used a typical Maul Talk response after the incident saying, "dogs are dogs." (Pit bull owners o… [Read full blog post]

Pit Bulls Attack Student Driver's Vehicle, Two Persons Inside

Normal Behavior? Claytownship, PA - A reader recently brought a story to our attention that occurred in August. The story involves a 16-year old student, an instructor, a student driver's vehicle and two pit bulls that had previously been leashed, but broke free. What do you think happened? Surprisingly, no one was physically harmed. The dogs attacked the vehicle, holding the student and instructor hostage inside. The damage to the car was reportedly $3,800… [Read full blog post]