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13 thoughts on “Elderly Russian Woman Dies After Both Hands Amputated in Pit Bull Attack

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  1. DBO, do you remember the grandmother who lost both of her arms to her grandson's pits? It happened in the LA area, can't remember which city there.

  2. There was a near or actual single arm loss IN last year (Janet Hartman):
    A double arm loss, also in IN in 2008 (Annette Williams):
    And Vicky Jeffries in Texas in 2006…
    Please let us know if you find out additional information. You may also be referring to a historical attack in the CA region, an attack occurring prior 2000.

  3. This is a point that has gotten lost recently. Targeting the owners entails allowing an attack to occur first. And no matter what the penalty to the owner might be, the woman has lost her arms and her life as she knew it.
    Also, laws that target owners put the responsibility on the victim to work through the legal and insurance system to try to be compensated for her medical bills. And requiring that the owner pay for therapy and long term care is not even on the table.

    BSL preempts the attacks.

    The argument that not all pits are vicious is a straw man argument. The issue is not that all pits are acting viciously all the time. The issue is that they attack unpredictably and with devastating ferocity when they do.

    I know the analogy has been made to the pinto car before. The vast majority of those cars did not blow up. The issue was that when they were involved in a very common accident, the gas tank would blow up in those relatively few accidents that did occur.

    There was no question but that exploding gas tanks were unacceptable because of the unpredictability and magnitude of the destruction, not because of the frequency of the explosions.

  4. the pit nutters come crawling out of the woodwork to defend these freaks of nature. they blather endlessly about "discrimination" (ledy's new buzz word) and the lack of any need for special training, then foolishly demonstrate for the entire world that her frankenmauler will not obey SIMPLE commands. this nutter asked her mutant to jump up on the sofa and lay down, it did neither.

    on another note, russia has a HUGE dog fighting problem!

  5. $2500 or 6 months jail time somehow doesn't seem equivalent to the loss off 2 arms.

    And did you see the height of that fence? Hello? Pit bulls need pens and yards with ceilings; I am more convinced than ever now. No one should have to live in fear next to dogs like this. I mean obviously the dogs were contained – they just got over the fence!

    6 ft fences are NOT the answer.

  6. Russian organized crime is very big and very big in dog fighting.

    It is rather similar to the organized Southern dog fighting rackets here, and the KKK.

    Dog fighting requires many dogs being bred for the industry. There is a large extended industry of dog breeding backing up dog fighting.

    The people defending the dog are defending their pit bull breeding income. Yes, that includes the pit bull breeders here. American bred pit bulls are sold and shipped to Russia for the fighting dog racket. American organized crime is a part of this racket.

    Pit bull breeders in America have a lot to lose if they can't trick the American public into letting them continue to breed fighting dogs. This is their business, their big money industry.

    They will try anything to convince fools to help them support the pit bull breeding industry and their incomes.

    The "discrimination" ploy is just one that pit bull breeders and dog fighters have used for a long time to try to protect their incomes and business interests.

    Ledy VanKavage is using the pit bull breeding industry's language and manipulation. Does she know she is doing this?

  7. Marjorie Kaplan of Animal Planet owned by Discovery Networks is one example of someone who has been tricked by the "discrimination" ploy to produce and show pit bull breeder propaganda.

    Tia Torres, one of her show hosts, receives money and support from pit bull breeders by their own admission. They even pose with her in photos on their websites thanking her for her help!

    What pit bull breeders fear the most is regulation. With regulation, they won't be able to make massive amounts of tax-free money using and abusing pit bulls, and forcing the taxpayer and the pet rescuer to clean up after them.

    So they use propaganda like "discrimination" to try to fend off regulation and keep minting money with pit bulls.

    This is how a very corrupt entity propagandizes. Even educated people who should know better fall for it.

    Of course, there are educated people involved in pit bull breeding who should know better, and one would hope had better ethics. Not the case.

  8. You're not going to believe this, apparently in Krasnodar, there is an organization named "Pit Bull", an extreme ethnic hate group…

    Krasnodar: "Pit Bull" still recognized as "extremist community"
    Organization "Pit Bull" is a public non-profit association that is subject to the Federal Law of 19.05.1995 № 82-FZ "On public associations". Under this Act in the Russian Federation prohibits the creation and operation of public associations whose aims and actions are aimed at carrying out extremist activities.

    (Shame on the Russians for mixing up the pit nuttery metaphors)

  9. In Krasnodar, members of extremist grouping "Pit Bull" sentenced to 6 years in prison
    On April 5 (2010), the Sovietskiy District Court of Krasnodar sentenced Vladislav Gmyrya and Pavel Vetrov, the organizer and one of the members of the extremist group named "Pit Bull" to 6 years of imprisonment in a maximum security colony. Under the version of the investigation, in February 2007 Gmyrya set up an extremist community "Pit Bull" with the aim to commit crimes against non-Slavic nationals on the basis of national hatred…

  10. It is very disturbing to me that this elderly woman died and after everything she went through. If these dog owners have any sort of conscience this will haunt them for the rest of their lives. But I wonder – perhaps all they are worried about is their fine and their jail time.

  11. International Piticides for 2010:

    Maria Sineva
    85 years old/November 1, 2010
    Neighbor’s Pit bull/WWII Veteran

    Jane Doe
    3 years old/Tenerife, Spain
    June 6, 2010
    Father’s dog

    Edmund Spain
    65 year old/Hattieville, Belize
    May 31, 2010
    Neighbor’s Pit Bulls escaped fence/ American Citizen

    Jane Doe
    3 years old/Sachsenburg, Germany
    May 22, 2010
    Aunt’s four illegal Pit Bulls during visit

    Jane Doe
    23 months old/Pontevedra, Spain
    May 21, 2010
    Father’s dog

    Jean Paul Massey
    4 years old/Merseyside,England
    May 11. 2010
    Uncle’s illegal Pit Breeding business previously reported to police and ignored.

    Jason Waverly
    21 years old/Vanderbijipark, South Africa
    May 9, 2010
    Killed by own dogs breaking up a fight

  12. What an injustice! Having survived WW2 only to be killed by a stupid pit monster! Laws everywhere need to be changed to severely punished the scumbags who allow their damn dogs to attack.

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