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11 thoughts on “'Yard Accident' at Best Friends Involving Two Vick Dogs Leaves Third Dog Dead

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  1. There are probably a bazillion deer in North America. They walk through parks and yards everywhere. Beagles do not go into homicidal rages and kill each other after looking at deer. Poodles also do not suffer from insane rage. Goldens? Not so much. Only killings by pit bulls are excused in this manner. Absolutely shameless… these breed apologists are as insane as their dogs.

  2. If you would like to see what I can only term sociopathy, please read this comments by one of the pit bull supporters Gin who does not have a problem with this deadly attack. This person is "rescuing" and adopting out pit bulls.

    They don't even care if pit bulls kill their own dogs. In fact, they adopt the pit bull (and then force it to live outside because they know the dog is dangerous. What happens when it escapes and kills the neighbor child?)

    We are all in grave danger with this kind of lack of empathy and extreme social disease that revolves around the pit bull community.

    Not humane to animals, not humane to people. This pit bull promotion is like a grave mental illness.

    "Very sad, this happened to me too. A pitbull that was abandoned by his previous owner got out from the fence and attacked two of my dogs. One dog passed away in the hospital. It was my fault that the kennel was not escape proof. I learned from my mistake. Most chainlink fence are not durable!!!! definitely need a concrete floor.
    Couldn't blame the dog. I actually adopted him. He just does not have the privilege to live in the house with other pets. He has his own private suite"

    Have you also seen in the comments that despite the fact that these people know that pit bulls can escape every kind of containment, they are already starting with the conspiracy theories that some person intentionally did this. One of the posters doing this is EmilyS, an AKC breeder lobbyist involved with NAIA and Patti Strand who has created rumors like this on other occasions to work toward avoiding regulation of pit bulls.

    These people are desperate. They won't acknowledge the danger of these dogs. They don't care.

    Jon Dunn, who seems to work at Best Friends, writes this about the the pit bull Beans "The first dog was Beans who came to us from Vegas a couple of years ago.

    And from another commenter in Enoch Utah, we have this which should inspire fear in the hearts of all as Animal Control harbors pit bulls and they attack other shelter pets and staff members.

    "I am going through a similar incident in Enoch, Utah. A puppy escaped from his kennel and went to see the Animal Control Officer who was moving a Pit Bull mix to his outdoor kennel. Normally, Bear is a wonderful dog – he just doesn't interact well with other dogs (especially males!). He attacked the puppy and the ACO got bit in the process. The puppy was in surgery yesterday and I suspect he'll have a full recovery. Bear, the Pit, is going to be "put down" on Friday. It saddens me immensely because he doesn't deserve that. An arm got in the way, she got bit. "


  3. More explanation from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary employee Patty Hegwood, Director Animal Care

    Can you imagine any other breed of dog needing containment like this? And they STILL escape it to kill.

    All these years later, after Best Friends has falsely claimed they are "rehabilitated."

    How can someone in a normal home and neighborhood ever possibly contain pit bulls if this wartime bunker structure is not doing the job of keeping pit bulls from killing?

    "we have runs that have double
    fencing between runs and we have runs that have cement board visual barriers
    between runs. All of these types of fence lines meet specific needs for the

    In most circumstances it has not been necessary to have double fencing on
    fence lines that are not shared with other dogs. Obviously in this case we
    were tragically mistaken and work has already begun to prevent this from
    happening in the future."

    The pit bull advocacy market is a death machine.

  4. I love it. Maloney writes, "All three dogs were housed alone and in separate buildings so it took a huge effort for them to interact." But they still did! The question is — as Best Friends can only "speculate on the sequence of events" — did Beans chew his way into Tug's yard or did Tug chew into Beans' yard? Since we are speculating, because Tug was so fired up after tearing into Bean's run and attacking and killing him, he next tore into Denzel's run and attacked him. It's total B.S. that Denzel is "already back to his normal self." I'm sure that the reason why Best Friends went public is because TOO MANY PEOPLE KNEW ABOUT IT. Maloney writes, "When staff arrived for work early Sunday morning," indicating multiple persons. What do you think staff members saw that morning? The aftermath of a bloodly pit bull match. It's more likely that both Tug and Denzel, while in the process of attacking each other, suffered serious injuries. Staff members walked into a mess with two bloody dogs, Beans likely shredded, and fences destroyed. A tough one to keep below radar.

  5. There is another issue around this that also bears addressing, and that is the crime of the No Kill hoarding syndrome.

    Take aggressive fighting breeds, warehouse them in No Kill puppy mills, and then what happens?

    Who in their right mind cannot say that euthanasia is more humane than this hoarding and violence?

  6. What a mess. Exfriender is reporting more:

    Vicki Mcdog [Moderator] 20 hours ago in reply to Holly Smith

    I worked at BFAS and I know how hard it is to get a request for fencing or whatever for the dog's completed. We worked soooooooooooooo hard to get barrier fencing in dog run's where dogs were redirecting on each other out of barrier frustration. So, I for one beleive Holly Smith's blog reply.

    Marti [Moderator] 47 minutes ago

    Like Vicki, I used to work as a caregiver at Best Friends. (Hi, Vic!) Many of us tried so hard to get double fencing put on all the lodges. But management said that there was no money to do so. Again and again, we saw dogs with chewed off ears, tails, legs–all wounds done thru fences….

  7. Best Friends Financial report for 2009 shows that they raised nearly $40 Million in 2009 and are sitting on $8 Million in cash.

    Double fencing containment systems for these animals is not a financial issue.

    RIP Beans!

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