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9 thoughts on “Couple Blames Cougar for Serious Attack Inflicted by Their Own Pit Bull

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  1. Failing to charge these people with a false report is a mistake. We need to hit people with every charge we can make stick when it comes to this issue. I wonder if this couple “raised” this dog “right”. After all it only takes TLC to make this dog into a cuddly lap dog.

  2. What else are pit bull owners to do when this happens? I mean, really?

    After you post a YouTube video of your sweet little pit playing with your family in the living room, pose your pit with some kids, act like you’re God’s gift of compassion because you rescued a pit bull, spend half your life banging the drum and chanting the mantra, “blame the deed, not the breed,” what are you to do when your pit goes berserk?

    Blame it on a mountain lion!

    Bwaaaaaaahahahaha! Idiots!

  3. Why is it so many pit bull owners are bizzare, mentally unstable, dangerous people? I am assuming these people lied so that authorities would not confiscate their pit bull. Either these folks have some sort of bizarre fixation/fetish with this breed of dog (it borders on a compulsion, perhaps sexual in nature?)…or this dog had value as a stud/fighting dog and they were unwilling to lose future winnings/stud fees.

    At a minimum, these people should be investigated for dog fighting, and the dog should be euthanized.

  4. Good God! They brought the animal home, locked it in the house, then fled to the hospital. They probably left the blood on the dog because they were too afraid to touch the animal. “Hmmm” let’s now think up a story about the attack so that we can KEEP our dog and KEEP the “my pit bull will only lick you,” and “my pit bull reads Proust” myths intact!

    These people should be IN JAIL!

  5. I shudder to think that this dog, who nearly killed two people, is still out there and will kill again.

  6. And what if this animal had attacked and injured or killed an innocent person? Someone’s kid or grandmother? What would these same pit bull owners do then? This story shows how EXTREME and “out there” pit bull owners truly are. Additionally, it shows just how damn little they care about anyone but themselves and their dog. Were they going to keep the bloody dog? Perhaps send it off to a no-kill shelter and LIE that the animal was NOT dangerous? You bet they would have.

  7. Pit Bull Owners: Son Dies While Parents Have Pit Bull Treated
    The parents of an 8 year old Warren boy who died from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma have been indicted on charges they denied him medical treatment. Investigators say that while Willie Robinson was suffering, his parents, who claimed they didn’t have much money or medical insurance, paid $87 to have a pit bull treated for fleas.

    A Cleveland grand jury on Wednesday indicated William Robinson Sr. and Monica Hussing on charges of involuntary manslaughter, child endangering and felonious assault. The boy collapsed at his Cleveland home last March and was pronounced dead less than an hour later. They had just moved to Cleveland from Warren.

  8. I'm glad no cougars were killed as a result of the stupid lies told by these nutters.

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