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6 thoughts on “KingHuman Blasts 'Asinine' Arguments Voiced by Pit Bull Advocates

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  1. I really like this guy he tells it plain and simple. Anyone will be able to understand him, well anyone except a pit owner, but we all know why. (their stupid)

  2. He hit so many of the nutter talking points dead on. They all say they'd rather face a pit than a chihuahua. Every time somebody tells me that, I know I'm talking to a liar, and there's really no point in listening to anything else that comes out of their mouth. I'm glad he did a follow up to the first one. I doubt he would've bothered if the nutters hadn't been so vocal. They truly are their own worst enemies.

  3. KingHuman, the pit bull "advocates" KNOW these arguments make no sense.

    But since so many of these "advocates" are in reality pit bull or dog breeder BUSINESS LOBBYISTS, they will try on any lie or fabrication to see if gullible people swallow it.

    The key for them is to tell enough lies so that regulation doesn't happen, and they can go on making boatloads of money with pit bulls and tax cheating dog breeding, as well as dog fighting.

    If they can dupe a legislator with these lies, and shoot down any regulation or laws requiring them to actually take responsibility, their "lobbying with lies" is successful.

  4. They do rely on the public facing this issue on an emotional level and not having enough information to know that they are lying. Telling people how sweet their pit is and how they would be victimized by BSL is just a ploy to control the emotions of the public.


    Thank you KingHuman! Thank you!

  6. I LOVE the part about Judge Judy! I don't normally care to even view video rants but I loved this so much I went out of my way to find it on YouTube so I could give effusive accolades. To my disappointment, it's gone… KingHuman, if you ever see this; thank you!!!

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