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6 thoughts on “The Google Search Story of

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  1. God Bless you DBO, for all you do to disseminate the truth! It is not easy to suffer the slings and arrows of the pc and pit nutter crowd, who may be in the minority, but whose voices are loud and organized, and quick to distort the truth of The Pits.

    I heart is so gladdened that DBO is a voice that can be "googled" so easily for those who need it most.

    A kazillion kudos to you, and to those that you have inspired to join the cause.

  2. DogsBite was instrumental in my recovery. There were NO resources where I live. The media, the dog owners, their family, and at first even the local politicians and law enforcement all treated me like some nuisance they just wanted to shut up and go away. With the information and support I found at this site, I was not only able to get my life back on track but also figure out how to get local laws tightened on dangerous dogs. This site is literally a life saver.

  3. And I will throw in my two cents worth and thank DBO for stopping me from making the biggest mistake of my life. I always had said I wanted to have a pit before I die. I just like stocky, short haired dogs. When I found DBO, I realized what a mistake that would be. I also realized how lucky I have been in the past picking up stray pits from the streets and nothing ever happened. DBO opened my eyes for sure. As much as I love dogs, I no longer look at pit bulls the same any more.

  4. Thanks, Lisa. I had it easier than many victims of these animals and their owners. I didn't lose a limb, and I didn't die. I view this issue like many in the past, the way rape victims were once treated by US law, the way victims of cyber crimes used to have no recourse. We all become part of the larger tipping point. By becoming activists and victim advocates, we pave the way for the changes that need to happen. DogsBite is a perfect example. It may seem like an uphill fight, but asbestos toppled. The tobacco industry has been brought low from its former glory days. The pit lobby will, too. Unfortunately, it will take the blood, life, and limbs of our children, grandparents, neighbors, and friends, but it's happening.

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