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20 thoughts on “Jere Alexander's Lynched Ku Klux Klan Pit Bull Embroidery Image

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  1. I have no idea what she's trying to say with that other than, "I'm a creepy lunatic who likes to torture dogs". Then again, "art" interpretation was never my forte. Is this art or a craft? If I petition Emory to give me money to sew pit survivor crafts, think I can get a grant, too?

  2. Emory is a very exclusive, private college in Atlanta. Knowing it very well, I am surprised that they would be a part of this. If your readers would contact Emory, that would be good. I have already written to them awhile back when we learned of this grant. She may have a friend who got this for her and the higher ups may not know about it.

    I lived at Stone Mountain which was owned forever by the family who was closely associated with the KKK. They had Grand Dragons in their family and the KKK used to meet at Stone Mountain. I did know that Grand Dragon and he was a dog lover to the point that they sat at the dinner table. But I never saw a pit at his house. Probably had them chained in the woods around his house. I think these dog fighters see pits as something other than a dog. I have no doubt that this man probably participated in dog fighting or at least knew his members did it. So he was probably chaining his pits while sleeping with his lap dog. He donated Stone Mountain to the State finally.

  3. That is some of the ugliest embroidery I have ever seen. I mean, it is just not well designed at all! I don't believe it is all done by hand. It looks to me like it was done with one of those embroidery machines. I'm sure she sewed on the appliques by hand – note the non-uniform stitching on those areas. Did you see the one "maul of doom" which has a kitten applique inside the pitbulls open mouth? Good lord! Remember how she got rid of all those cats and couldn't account for them? This woman is pure psycho. I also saw in one of her blogs that she is currently working in another shelter.

  4. Sorry to go on about this one particular piece of, ahem, art, but another picture of the "gaping maw of doom" shows that it is done on a hanky, with red stains on it, and a doll head and leg next to it. I get the red stains — blood. But what the heck is with the dismembered doll? And someone actually tagged that photo as a favorite and declares it, "So so so good!"

    Creepy lunatic is right!

  5. i can't decide what is more shocking, jere's embroidery or emery's support of it.

    i wonder if a campaign against emory is in order.

    btw dark, i love your description of jere alexander, CREEPY LUNATIC.

  6. Classy. No, I'm thinking of those other words to describe the embroidered image… weird and tasteless.

    I'd swear she's trying to say that the "persecution" of pit bulls is actually comparable to what the KKK has done to minorities and their other targets over the centuries.

  7. "Julie Gilchrist of the CDC, who openly opposes pit bull laws and ANTI-CHAINING laws, lives in Stone Mountain along with Sherri Self who is married to a dogfighter, the owner of Bailey's "

    This is the Center for Disease Control?

    I am shocked that this is going on. This is a nuclear bomb for the American public.

    There needs to be a government investigation of the CDC, because clearly special interests have taken over a government institution for the financial interests of these dog breeders.

    Our safety and public health is at risk.

  8. And what kind of supposed health professional would advocate chaining dogs, which in essence turns dogs into Disease Vectors (heartworm, giardia which is transmissable to humans, ticks and tick borne diseases, other parasites like hookworm, etc), and attractants for wild animals which bring diseased wild animals into human/canine contact?

    Dog fighters support dog fighting because it's a cheap way to raise aggressive dogs.


  9. What might be unclear to some readers (was to me at first) is that Stone Mountain Georgia is in Fulton County where Jere Alexanders's animal abuse, pit bull breeding and dog fighting interests (along with her husband's) were busted out in public by a media investigation.

  10. Does Julie Gilchrist have a connection to Emory University?

    This whole situation reminds me of the Alane Koki debacle, a female supposed "professional" in the health field connected to dog fighting and related dog breeding interests.

  11. The connection between pit bull breeding, dog fighting, and white supremacists has really hit the news lately with the Jesse James affair, adding Nazism into the mix.

  12. From her blog

    " but we are familiar here, i think, with the fact that gender and sex and species all exist within discourse. they are all based on relationality and are mutable."

    What the heck? Sex and species are mutable? This woman is sicker than any of us thought, I believe. This quote is from a rambling blog entry, and she defends NOT removing testes, giving only a few good reasons for it to be done, but never mentions that it reduces aggression. She says this, which I further find very disturbing:

    "IMO the seeming "need" for cutting out all these organs has more to do with vets making money, coupled with the typical pet owner's desire to infantilize pets, and along with that, an anxiety around sexuality that is triggered by our pets' all-too-visible genitalia."


  13. And another thing — she has a lot more pit bull embroidery on her blog — many of them depict dogs that have obviously been in fights. Yet I have not seen her condemn dog fighting on her blog, nor mention the reason why she depicts dogs that have been in fights. She talks about showing their strength and loyalty, but that's it.

    I think that smells really really bad.

  14. I think Gilchrist is an alumni of Emory. It is a very exclusive law and medical school, considered one of the best. And yes, we do need a campaign against this at Emory. There's a lot of conservative people who support Emory and I can guarantee that none of them own a pit.

  15. Ah, yes, Jesse James, the pit advocate darling while "Cinabun" was missing. How quickly their "heroes" seem to fall. Kris Crawford, anyone?

  16. And it is still going on:

    Fight goes on against racism in community Goshen College events focus on continuation of King's work
    Published: 1/20/2009 12:00:00 AM
    Last Updated: 1/19/2009 10:49:58 PM

    BY MARLYS E. WEAVER [email protected]
    "GOSHEN — The day before Barack Obama's inauguration, programs at Goshen College celebrated the impact of Martin Luther King Jr. and the continuation of his work on the national and local levels. This year's activities emphasized the history and present-day issues of civil rights and racism in Elkhart County. Monica Tetzlaff of the Indiana University-South Bend Civil Rights Heritage Center offered historical background, while local families, including Adam and Maggie Williams' family, shared stories of racism in Elkhart County. Adam Williams grew up in Alabama, but "never experienced outrageous racism" until he moved to Elkhart, including a cross-burning in the family's front yard. "The cross burning was the head of two years of racism," he said. A few days before, Williams' daughter, Gabriela, stepped off the school bus outside her home while a neighbor commanded her pit bull to sic the young girl. The dog chased Gabriela all the way from the bus to her house as the neighbor yelled death threats.

  17. Jere has closed her blog to the public, requiring one to register before being approved to view. She has also removed every bit of "Stich'er up" embroidery from That certainly begs the question, doesn't it?

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