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3 thoughts on “Carolyn Baker, 63-Years Old, Allegedly Killed by Family Rottweiler

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  1. Since Jan 2005, there have been 151 Americans killed by dogs…Pits and Rotts are reponsible for 106 of the deaths.


  2. Autopsy results expected today…Was Zeus a heroic family dog attempting to perform Canine CPR or a disloyal mauler?

    Stay tuned….

  3. Sounding less and less like an act of heroism by the dog:

    Ricardo Baker’s son received a call from a neighbor who said the Baker’s Rottweiler dog was loose in the yard and asked to have the dog taken inside. Baker’s son, who according to the police report was not at the house at the time, called his father at 3:20 a.m. to tell him to bring the dog inside. Ricardo Baker then went outside, retrieved the dog and brought him inside the house. He then noticed the back door of the home was open and his wife was lying outside in the driveway injured, at which point he called 911. Police officers were reportedly told at the hospital the injuries to Carolyn Baker’s shoulder area were caused by a dog bite. According to the police report, it is unknown how long Carolyn Baker was injured outside before she was discovered.

    The dog is so heroic, he forgot to alert his owners about the dying woman and apparently, the backdoor was open too — dog could have returned home anytime…

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