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9 thoughts on “Editorial: Tyler Newspaper Supports Statewide Ban on Pit Bulls

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  1. It's about time. Thank you Tyler Morning Telegraph.

    I hope they know that the flood of emails they're getting from disgruntled pit nutters are NOT actually originating locally. Perhaps Dogsbite could send them some info on the way the pit proponents respond to these things?

    Perhaps we could all take the time to send them an email voicing our support and saying thank you?

  2. "Perhaps we could all take the time to send them an email voicing our support and saying thank you?"

    Absolutely. More and more articles like these are appearing around the country. It seems that the public at large is starting to get wise to the nutter arguments and see them for the falsehoods they are. Are you listening, Texas lawmakers? Your state consistently leads in deaths by pit mauling. Wake up!!

  3. I'll be sending an e-mail even though I don't live in that state. Why not? Tourism dollars are important! When we rented a house for vacation, one of the rental agencies had in their guidelines that they would not allow pit bulls in the pet friendly homes. I let them know that is why I chose their company.

  4. The majority of email and comments that these newspapers get are NOT even from their own state!

    It is the dog fighter/pit bull breeder lobby gathering together across the world to defend their income from dog fighting and breeding against regulation.

    Regulation means that it is not so easy to make money from breeding pit bulls and fighting these dogs!

    And pit bull breeding and dog fighting & gambling are big money. It's an industry, albeit a non-tax paying, criminal industry.

  5. I did and marked it Not For Publication and sent it to opinion email address. Hope it gets to the right person. And when you write try to include some info to entice them into coming to DBO. Tidbits to support their opinion. Something to help them overcome the pit nutters arguments.

  6. Absolutely email the paper for doing the right thing!! They need all the support and praise they can get, as I'm sure the pit lovers are flooding them with emails as well.
    Especially email them if you live in Texas, as they definately need local support.

  7. You see the typical Pit apologist writing in to the Tyler paper. Most of them do not even live in Texas (I do!)I am sick of reading about these kids and Old people torn up or killed. I lived in a neighborhood with a loose pit problem. Folks, you can be a victim or you can be a problem solver- By any means necessary. Lets just say we don't have that problem any more.

  8. If the newspaper editors in Austin and Dallas can get with the program and realize this very serious public health issue, Tyler, Texas will be looked upon as one of the catalysts of change.

    It can and should happen.
    To all of those that contribute to, keep up the good work!

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