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7 thoughts on “Zupf: Pit Bull-Mix Hospitalizes Owner, Had Previously Bitten Son

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  1. How many dog breeds can "bust through" a door? Welcome to the powerful "selectively bred traits" of the pit bull…

  2. Does that door hole actually have ear marks? That's like something out of a RoadRunner cartoon.

    I just can't get too upset when these little wigglebutts nibble their owners.

  3. I can't imagine the sheer callousness it takes to keep a dog after it attacks your own child. He cared nothing for the safety of his son, and he paid the price for his stupidity. Thank God it wasn't an innocent neighbor or neighbor's pet that suffered, and thank God it wasn't the child who wound up in the hospital or dead. Pit bulls are dangerous enough. What kind of moron crosses one with a Rottweiler?!

  4. The perp once used the dog to hide from police: "When officers arrived, Romero said, they were only too happy to keep him and Jesus behind a closed door."

    Later the same dog turns on him and sends him to the hospital! Guess who gets to pay these emergency surgery bills and long term physical therapy bills?


    Get out the checkbook. You've hit at least 30k already. Not to mention, due to your injury you won't be working in the floor installation business any time soon…

  5. No, I believe that the TAXPAYER will be be picking up the bills for yet another pit bull mix attack.

    I suspect that this "self employed" owner was on the welfare dole with some taxpayer-funded health coverage.

  6. And don't forget this Frankenmauler's breeder who most likely didn't declare income,nor collect and remit state sales tax!

    It all adds up to the tax payer being bitten in the ass!

  7. Good to see a consulting adult take the mauling instead of some innocent….Kind of like when a drunk driver wraps himself around a tree instead of plowing into the family coming around the next corner.

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