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8 thoughts on “Pit Bull Continues Attacking After Being 'Run Over' by Police Cruiser

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  1. Key quote

    "Lankford said the owner of the dogs has previously been cited for letting the animals loose."

    Authorities let this dangerous dog owner continue to break the law, did nothing other than issue some meaningless citations that probably were just fines for a few dollars, and the dogs continue to run loose.

    This boy COULD HAVE BEEN KILLED, and if he was, the authorities would have had blood on their hands for enabling this attack.

    It is clear that citizens need to get tough with their local authorities and tough with ineffective animal control, or people and pets will die.

  2. So the owner of the landshark was only cited for loose dogs?
    Did the dogs actually attack the child?

  3. I have personal knowledge of a red-nosed pit bull named, "Rocky", who survived a police officer shooting directly to the skull. The scar is there to prove it. See examples of these "hounds of hell" at

    I don't care if you an NFL linebacker. You are in danger of your losing your life or limb if one of these gladiators gets a hold of you.

    That's why society must treat these dogs differently; the amount of damage is so significant. The inability to stop an attack so easy to see.

  4. It's not the fact that the dog survived being run over but that it was still trying to attack afterwards that is scary. There's no off switch even when they are hurt so badly. That's what is dangerous.

  5. Oh come on with the stigmatizing and the media hyping!…It was only seven police cruisers!…It's not like the Governor had to call out the National Guard or something!

  6. I wonder how Best Friends would capture the cost of this silliness in their BSL Calculator?!?

  7. It's becoming clearer that the dog fighters have hyper-selected this breed through the realm of domestication and out the otherside into something different. Instead of being lumped in with the species of Canus Familiarus, they should have their own species…I suggest:

    "PitBullis Maulus Maximus"

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