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14 thoughts on “2009 Pit Bull Attack Victims and Their Stories -

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  1. Someday we will look back at these stories and ask

    How could we let this happen? Why didn't we stop this? How could we be so uncivilized a society? Why did we let this go on for as long as we did?


    When did fighting dogs become more important than people?

  2. Make no mistake. We're waging a war, and we're the casualties. The greedy dog breeders and dog fighters do NOT care about the damage their defective products do as long as they get their money. The morally bankrupt professional lobbyists they hire do NOT care that their activities are costing lives, limbs, and the peace of mind of victims as long as they get that paycheck. The social deviants who insist on owning fighting breeds of dogs do NOT care what damage their dogs do to others and often enjoy it, because they are the emotional equivalent of toddlers, and many of them are full blown sociopaths.

    We cannot afford to care about these defective dogs in any way other than putting them out of their misery, as they are some of the most abused dogs on the planet. We can show no leniency with their defective owners, because they have proven they have no ability or desire to self-regulate. We must fight to eradicate these breeds so that our grandparents, children, neighbors, friends, and pets, so that we, ourselves, can walk our streets without having to worry about being torn apart and eaten by loose dogs. No society that places the welfare of dangerous dogs and the rights of dangerous dog owners above the welfare and rights of decent, law abiding citizens and their pets has the right to call itself civilized, and it is the duty of every single one of us who understand this issue for what it is to fight tooth and nail to put an end to it. We've made progress, but we have a long way to go.


    Fantastic coverage! Thanks for making this available to all of us…What a wonderful service you provide to this country. With your work, you will help to put an end to this absolute insanity.

    Pit bulls are a result of a mostly bygone era, when bloodsports like bullbaiting and dogfighting was an acceptable business. These dogs represent mankinds lust for violence, gambling and greed. These dogs should be eliminated from existence. These dogs should have never been created. Man made problem calls for man made solution; mandatory spay/neuter on existing pit bulls, no breeding allowed, no new pit bulls.

    Governement should protect the public safety and health by passing laws to eliminate pit bulls("hounds of hell").

  4. And don't forget the role of the "rescue" groups in all of this. Their "Savior" complex places pits with families, they show no shame in telling people what nanny dogs pits are. And the role of television in the example of Animal Planet, their fascination with Tia and now the "Pit Boss". The very least they can do is put a disclaimer at the beginning of these shows like Discovery does for Cesar.

  5. What is so amazing to me is that pit bulls kill and maim more innocent people each year than virtually all wild animals combined. When a cougar or a grizzley bear attacks a person out for a jog, it is ALWAYS hunted down and killed. When a pit bull mauls an innocent person just walking down the sidewalk, the dog is impounded, held indefintely, (often at the taxpayers expense), psychoanalyzed by phony "behaviorists" who make excuses for the dog's behavior, showered with offers of a new home by pit bull lovers who insist the dog is just "misunderstood", sought after by mentally unstable pit bull rescuers who value a dogs life above a humans. Much of the time a dangerous pit bull that has attacked a human unprovoked will be handed back to his owner, or whisked away by a rescue group and placed in an unsuspecting neighborhood, where it will attack again.

    Unlike the poor wild animal, who was either hungry or protecting its young, the human aggressive pit bull had no real reason to attack. If coyotes attacked humans at the rate pit bulls did, and inflicted the amount of damage that pit bulls did, there would be a huge public outcry to protect the public and control the coyote population. Yet this breed of dog is relentlessly promoted as an appropriate family pet by shelters, rescues, and phony dop "experts". I don't believe there is another animal, domestic or wild, that attacks humans unprovoked at the rate pit bull dogs do.

  6. In line with the last comment, I believe that the female pit bull that attacked Maria Zaldana would have been handed back to the owners if the shelter worker hadn't been attacked.

    I also just wanted to extend a huge "thank you" to Dogsbite for another year of unbelievable effort on the part of pit bull victims. You are truly a ray of hope.

  7. "Yet this breed of dog is relentlessly promoted as an appropriate family pet by shelters, rescues, and phony dop "experts". "

    and especially by the BREEDERS who make money from them, whether they are AKC, UKC, whatever.

  8. We need MORE websites like yours to address this serious need! Thank you for standing up against the onslaught of misinformation and saying the truth!!

    Keep up your good work!!

  9. I just wanted to pop in and say thank you for running this site. There is an enormous amount of pro-pit baloney out there these days. Thank you for speaking the truth and running this site. I am so tired of morons with pitbulls, spayed or neutered or not, on chains or well loved, these animals go off all the time. I can only imagine the amount of asinine attacks from self-blinding people you must deal with on a daily basis. You're awesome for doing so.

    I've personally seen three dog attacks in my life. Only three and each one involved a pitbull. Also not surprisingly, on two occasions I was around when the owner said "but my dog never hurt anything before, X was sooooo sweet before"!

    People can spout nonsense and flawed weak arguments until they are shaking with rage but it won't stop the next mauling or dismemberment. Only rational people can do that.

  10. Swiss Incident Not Charged!

    The owner of the pit bull which injured a baby in Vaud last December will not be charged with any crime. The owner’s lawyer said the judge had spoken to a veterinary behaviorist and concluded that the dog was anxious—rather than aggressive. The pit bull jumped onto the baby’s stroller in Vaud last year, seriously injuring the baby’s eye.

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