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7 thoughts on “2009 Dog Bite Fatality: 2-Year Old Killed by Family Dog in Cape Coral

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  1. When did a dogs life or wellbeing become more valuable than a child's life or wellbeing?
    How can people focus on a dog and barely mention the fact that an innocent child is dead?
    Honestly, it's unreal. Kill the dog. Then ignore it, focus on the child and the grieving parents. It's not their fault, it was the dog's fault, it should pay for its crime of murder.

  2. “Kids play with dogs and pull tails and ears and dogs don’t like that,” said Dr. Robert South, epidemiologist with the Lee County Department of Health.

    Well… except for pit bulls which is why they NEVER attack and kill kids.

  3. Sounds like another unlicensed, off the books breeding operation.

    WE NEED BREEDER LICENSING, and some simple regulations for proper human and animal welfare.

  4. Yes, authorities seized a male and a female Weimaraner. Interesting how that information was shared but little else. My heart sunk upon reading it.


  5. Hardly anything at all in the article about the beautiful boy who just celebrated his birthday this month, just info on the dogs. Most of the comments are horrible, too, accusing the parents of everything from neglect to child abuse and using the dog as a cover up. People really should THINK before they write. That includes journalists. My heart and thoughts go out to the family during this difficult time.

  6. The AKC breeders that are posting these attacks on this boy and his family blame the victim because they do not want to accept liability for their product

  7. AKC breeders call dogs "property"

    The equivalent of produced cars or the recently recalled window blinds

    Well, if they are property, product, then the AKC needs to accept liability for their property

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