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7 thoughts on “Pregnant Woman Attacked by Pet Pit Bull, Airlifted to Trauma Center

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  1. I was thinking the same thing, Anonymous. Better the mother than the baby. Twenty, pregnant, and with a pit bull. Such a shining example of responsibility.

  2. Gotta wonder how many people she told that her pit bull would only "lick people to death."

    The dog was probably hitting 1.5 to 2 years old (aka maturity), whereby leaving the "cute" pit bull puppy stage behind. Beyond 1.5 years, they tend to bite, hold and shake like mad (aka fractured arm!).

  3. At least the dog attacked the owner this time – hopefully another group of people who finally get it. It's been a bad week for pit bulls.

  4. When is the Terminator going to put an end to this insanity and when will other states follow suit?? Blasphemous!

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