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36 thoughts on “Pit Bull Attacks Toddler While Being Baby-Sat in Bay County

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  1. The American Canine Foundation is not just a pit bull lobbying organization, it is a pit bull BREEDER lobbying organization.

    It is private business pushing for the financial interests of its members.

    I do not understand how someone who is employed to protect public safety can also be working for a private industry lobbying group that is involved with public safety problems.

    This is a complete conflict of interest.

    Also, how can a government employee not be involved in dereliction of duties when they are flying around to other states performing private business lobbying duties?

  2. This comment was left here on the Aurora report. I hope poster does not mind it being repeated

    "James (Jim) Crosby, testified on behalf of the American Canine Foundation and dog owner in this case. Crosby was called on to testify as an expert witness. He told the court that pit bulls "are no more aggressive than any other dog." Crosby is the animal control manager in Panama City and runs a canine aggression consulting firm.

    In the past 6 months, Crosby has removed the below section from his "" website. The original document has been found in cache and can be read at the following link:,+or+both,+are+dead%22&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=1&gl=us&client=firefox-a

    "Enter now the Pit Bull, and other breeds specifically selected by Man to fight each other. These animals have several concerning behavioral difference from most other canines. When they fight, human intervention has selected for animals that do not turn off, and do not stop fighting until one, or both, are dead. There is no surrender for these animals. A fully submissive body posture is no more than another opportunity for them to disembowel their adversary.

    As a corollary to this, these dogs seem to have a shorter negotiation sequence. Many times we hear of a Pit Bull or similar dog that “…just went off…” The expected precursors to a full fight seem to be lacking, much like the quick interactions we see with some teens and young adults these days; one insults another, and the first response is to “…pop a cap…” into the offender. Even popular Pit Bull sites on the Internet admit that fights between Pit Bulls can occur with little or no warning."

    Crosby is clearly aware that pit bulls INDEED present a unique danger. "

  3. More from Crosby. Was Crosby hiding these previous attacks? Did he fail to take action?

    Toddler recuperates at Shand’s after pit-bull attack

    March 10, 2009 06:17:00 PM
    By JON MILTIMORE / News Herald Writer

    CALLAWAY – Two-year-old Valencia Newton remains in serious condition a day after being savaged by a pit-bull that has since been declared dangerous.

    Valencia suffered neck, throat, torso and ear injuries when she was attacked by a mixed pit-bull belonging to her baby-sitter’s grandmother, Elizabeth Dian Roache.

    Valencia’s family members of Valencia said they are shaken by the attack, but encouraged by how the toddler is responding to treatments.

    “She’s being stitched up real good,” said Yasin Galbreith, Valencia’s father. “She’s doing fine right now, we think.”

    Galbreith said Valencia was transported to Shands Hospital in Gainesville and underwent surgery Tuesday morning. He said Valencia would likely have scarring and remains under observation. He said doctors are concerned about possible neck damage. Galbreith said he is hopeful she would be released in a day or two.

    “It’s been a nightmare,” he said.

    Jim Crosby, director of Bay County Animal Control, said three bull dogs were taken by animal control, a male and female belonging to Roache and a neighbor’s that had gotten loose prior to the attack.

    Crosby said the male pit-bull that attacked Valencia has not yet been tested for “triggers” that may have set him off because he wanted to give the dog a chance to calm down, but one conclusion already has been reached.

    “As of today the dog has been legally declared dangerous,” Crosby said.

    Crosby said the attack on Valencia was the second time the dog had attacked a child; the first occurrence was in November in a case that only recently had been confirmed.

    Crosby said Roache could keep the animal despite the fact it was declared dangerous, but several condition would have to be met.

    The law requires dogs declared dangerous to be kept in a secure enclosure and not allowed out unless muzzled, have a microchip installed to monitor movements and have an insurance policy taken out to compensate victims in case an attack takes place, Crosby said.

    “The dog has already been micro-chipped,” Crosby said.

    He said the other two pit bulls were taken as a preventative measure until it had been established exactly which dog it was that bit Valencia. The neighbor’s dog has been cleared for pickup, but Roache’s female pit-bull is being kept until it has been positively determined it did not attack the toddler.

    Roache could not be reached Tuesday, but family members said she had already determined the dogs would be put down.

  4. Here is another update (included is a photo of the girl, before the attack):

    2 year old Valencia Newton was in the care of her babysitter Monday when she was attacked by a pit bull, owned by the babysitter’s grandmother.
    “I truly believe that dog was ready to kill her because my son said he threw her up in the air. My grandbaby had braids in her hair. He pulled her whole braid, her hair out of her head,” said Debora Stephens, Valencia’s Grandmother.
    The pit bull also tore off part of Valencia’s earlobe and mauled her throat and neck.
    Bay County Animal Control Director Jim Crosby says the dog is one of two pit bulls that was living at the residence. Both have attacked people in the past and both are being held at the animal control facility for observation. The quarantine will last 10 days until animal control and investigators decide what will happen.
    “The owners indicated they wanted the dog ultimately destroyed. If they want to do that we would honor the request,” said Jim Crosby, Bay Co. Animal Control Director.
    The case is still under investigation, but the dog’s owner could face criminal charges.
    “In general criminal charges in dog bites can range from simple culpable negligence to negligent homicide if somebody dies. I’ve been involved in prosecutions on all those levels,” said Crosby.
    Valencia’s family members say they don’t blame the babysitter, or her family, calling the attack a tragic accident.
    “If they took the baby over there they’ve always locked the dog up in the bedroom, but somehow he got out of the house. I don’t blame their family. I want the dog put down, by all means, but I don’t blame the family,” said Stephens.

    There is no word yet as to when Valencia will be released from the hospital. Her family members say they want to thank everyone for their prayers. We’ll continue to update you on her condition.

  5. We must inform the law makers of this jurisdiction in Florida about why Crosby should be removed. Point out the associations with ACF, and expose Crosby as the fraud. And to think he was once a cop? I know hundreds of cops, many dog lovers, who despise pit bulls. In fact, officers shoot more pit bulls than any other breed. There is no other dog that so frequently gets shot by police!

    This Crosby guy should be exposed to the media, radio, newspapers, school boards (children), county supervisors, city councils, etc.

    Enough already!

  6. Crosby is a menace to society.

    This is just over the top.

    There were two previous attacks and he did nothing. He seems to have hidden them.

    If this family had that information, if the dogs had been properly dealt with on the previous instances, this child would still be whole

    Crosby bears guilt for this!

    He is not an expert. He is nothing!

    He’s a lowly animal control officer who also lobbies for pit bull breeders.

    How did this come to be that this man is putting that community at risk?

  7. Who knows how he got his director of animal control position? Is it appropriate for a county official — indentured to public safety — to testify against another municipality that is trying to ensure public safety (Aurora’s fighting breed ban)?

    Crosby is not only tied to the American Canine Foundation, he was also listed in Best Friends Amicus Brief about Michael Vick’s dogs. He’s listed as an expert to which seized fighting dogs can be “rehabilitated” into family pets.


    Can’t wait to see the results of his “trigger tests.”

  8. “The owners indicated they wanted the dog ultimately destroyed. If they want to do that we would honor the request,” said Jim Crosby, Bay Co. Animal Control Director.

    Is it just me or does anyone else find this oddly worded?
    Whitewash Jimmy is probably staging a “rescue” of the poor misunderstood wiggle butt with FABB and Karp.

  9. Great, let’s give the dog another chance to kill this time. I am sure the baby “triggered” the dog. Preschoolers are so devious and dangerous afterall. What a country we live in. And tax money goes to pay the idiots that put dangerous dogs back into the community.

  10. Oh, you know it’s true! It will doubly burn the same group if the owner chooses to put both of her dogs down; even though only one was involved in the latest bite.

  11. To add to the stats on “watcher” attacks, there was one in Good Hope, CA (Riverside County) where a 2 year old was attacked and killed by a pit bull while at her babysitter’s. This was about 2003. The other kids and this child had been playing outside with the dog when it suddenly attacked the girl. Neighbors said they had complained before about this dog, however, that was not confirmed. This was the first time the child had been at this home. The babysitter did serve some time on this one.

  12. “Is it just me or does anyone else find this oddly worded?
    Whitewash Jimmy is probably staging a “rescue” of the poor misunderstood wiggle butt with FABB and Karp.”

    I too got this impression!

    That this dog would be secreted away to hiding.

    And perhaps the family and community only told it was euthanized.

  13. Wonder why Animal Control seems to be encouraging the family to keep the dogs when the babysitter stated in an interview that her Mom planned to put the dogs down. Go figure….

  14. Surprise! The pit nutter is appealing and Whitewash Jimmy says, “He’s got some possession issues,” Crosby said. “He has not been a problem here at the shelter, but his behavior at the shelter isn’t what’s in question.”

    An even bigger surprise:
    Crosby declined to say whether he thought Dodge should be destroyed.

  15. Clearly, as we’ve seen with Fulton County, GA, Pit nutters in charge of Animal Control runs contrary to public safety.

  16. This Rebecca Mobbs lady, she’s a real piece of work. She got her mother to “claim ownership” of the dogs after the attack to get herself and daughter off the hook (confusing the dog ownership trick). Then later — after her mother says she wants the “multi-biting” dogs put down — she says, she’s the half owner of the dog and her mother owns the other half? Now Rebecca Mobbs has rights to contest the euthanization?

    I’m so disgusted by this Rebecca Mobbs person, I don’t know what to say.

  17. A picture is worth a THOUSAND words:

    Why should anyone trust Mobbs to be responsible after her dog has already bitten two people and one very seriously?

    “Dodge’s owner, Rebecca Mobbs, said the dog should be allowed to live, but taken to obedience school and muzzled when in public. When Special Magistrate Michael Farley finished reading his decision, Mobbs said, “OK, I’ll see you all in court,” and left the Bay County Courthouse.”

    Crosby argued the unprovoked attack was more than enough reason to have Dodge killed. “These were quite serious injuries that, in all honesty, I was expecting this to be a fatality,” Crosby said.

    Crosby GAINS points!

  18. Mobbs, so typical of a “vacuous” pit bull owner:

    “What about me? What about the traumatic stuff I’ve been through?” Mobbs replied, before saying she could not sleep because of the case, and neither could her mother, who she said usually sleeps with Dodge.”


    Go here to see with your own eyes this hideous tubber blather about the legal system and Whitewash Jimmy sing a very unfamiliar tune.

    Jim Crosby, from Bay County Animal Control, says, “Under the law, with the severity of this bite, we really don’t have a choice.”

    I wonder if Whitewash Jimmy had to drop a valium in order to pull off that interview? Or maybe he was up all night practicing his lines?

    One thing for sure, this narcissistic puke should not have access to an appellate court until she provides documentation that she can cover Valencia’s medical bills. It is disgusting that this worthless riff raff without a pot to piss in, can clog up the courts.

  20. In the article about Dodge

    The comment by Anita is very telling. These pit bull nuts are CRZY!!

    “The dog should not be put down, but be given to someone who can take care of him and rehabilitate him. Rehab can be done. My father has taken two dogs in who belonged to someone who fought them. They are in separate pens, one of them is chained inside the pen. They are two loving dogs who were just treated badly by previous owners. That doesn’t mean they should be killed.”

    So she says her father has “rehabbed” fighting dogs, BUT they need to be CHAINED WITHIN A PEN, so they are obviously still dangerous and not rehabbed at all.

    This Anita and her father are TORTURING pit bulls in the name of saving them!

    And of course, those dogs are still a danger to everyone around

    This is how nuts these people are, and how they lie about “rehab.”

  21. explains more:

    Originating in 1700’s America, the Old Country Bulldogge was developed from the original British and Irish bulldog variety, as well as other European working dogs of the Bullenbeisser and Alaunt ancestry. Many fanciers believe that the original White English Bulldogge survived in America, where it became known as the American Pit Bulldog, Old Southern White Bulldogge and Alabama Bulldog, among other names. A few regional types were established, with the most popular dogs found in the South, where the famous large white plantation bulldogges were the most valued. Some bloodlines were crossed with Irish and English pit-fighting dogs influenced with English White Terrier blood, resulting in the larger strains of the American Pit Bull Terrier, as well as the smaller variety of the American Bulldog. Although there were quite a few “bulldogges” developed in America, the modern American Bulldog breed is separately recognized…

  22. a slew of funny comments…

    slopoke wrote: just the kind of woman i like–SHADE YOU IN THE SUMMER and KEEP YOU WARM IN THE WINTER—HOOOOOORAY

    sillyyou wrote:
    Irresponsible owner vs. Small child that’s now partially paralyzed. Should be a no-brainer?

    OM NOM NOM NOM! Those aren’t court documents, it’s a Wendy’s receipt.

  23. I think we have a winner for the pit nutter owner poster child!

    07001752MMMA (PT) PETIT THEFT CLOSED G 300.00
    06003892CFMA (PT) PETIT THEFT CLOSED 0.00
    00003235CFMA (GTS) GRAND THEFT CLOSED 0.00

  24. Why shouldn’t this woman think she can get away with murder (or near murder)?

    She has been a career criminal, ands keeps getting away with it with slaps on the wrist, if that

    And her animal control person is a pit bull lobbyist who makes things up to cover for pit bulls, giving people like this the attitudes and excuses.

    Jim Crosby HIMSELF has repeatedly blamed the victim for pit bull attacks, just like Mobbs is. She learned this from her animal control guy.

    Crosby has also made up extrordinary and ridiculous “events” that supposedly cause the attack, instead of admitting that pit bulls are vicious

    Mobbs learned well from her authority, who is getting tax money to help people like this

  25. Don’t mess with Big Becca, she might come out swinging!

    I hope she doesn’t come out swinging a shovel. According to Crosby, a shovel is what partly got Mary Bernal KILLED:

    “…..Mary also should have known that continued screams would only trigger the already explosive Taz to attack more violently. Regardless of the fact that at this time, her scalp was likely being ripped OFF.
    …..Ms. Macias never should have picked up the shovel to save her sister-in-law. According to Crosby, that was the nail in the coffin. The “screaming, thrashing” woman was bad enough. But when the owner began to hit her dog with a shovel, Mary’s DEATH was a no-brainer. (It was reported at the time that Ms. Macias suffered at least one thumb loss as she tried to pry the dog off of Mary).”

  26. “she’s the half owner of the dog and her mother owns the other half?”

    Though I know Mobbs made this up for the circumstances, this kind of ownership split is common in the dog breeding world.

    For one thing, it’s a way to help hide income as they cheat on their taxes.

    Also used by some who are pretending to be unbiased dog experts to hide their REAL breeder business activity.

    Also conveniently used in other issues, such as this situation.

  27. This is where the court lets itself be abused. The GRANDMOTHER claimed ownership. Mobbs should NEVER have been allowed to appear in court.

    Case closed.

    Of course, she has been telling tales to the court and getting what she wants for how long?

  28. “This is where the court lets itself be abused. The GRANDMOTHER claimed ownership. Mobbs should NEVER have been allowed to appear in court.

    Case closed.

    Of course, she has been telling tales to the court and getting what she wants for how long?”


  29. It sounds like Valencia and her mom have had to flee town in fear.

    Not only from Mobbs, but from the pit bull nuts that these people stir up.

    The threats from these dog breeders are often overwhelming.

    Of course, Jim Crosby knows this because he works for some of them.

    Which means that this case may be even more likely to draw the hate attacks of the pit bull nuts and dog breeders.

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