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15 thoughts on “Letter: The NFL Must Sever Ties with 'Pit Bulls' Once and For All

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  1. It was just announced (August 2) that a Marine "Corpswide" proposal calls for banning dangerous dog breeds across ALL Marine bases as soon as September. The draft order, which would be included in the Marine Corps Housing Management Manual, prohibits pit bulls, rottweilers, wolf hybrids and their mixes from being on "any Marine Corps installation, at any time."

  2. I am very thankful for your organization, Colleen! Way to go.

    Now, if DBO could just expose Best Friends as the radical religious cult they are…How interested would the American (donating) public be to know this?

  3. Best Friends WAS founded by cultists as a money-raising proposition (these cult founders still profit from Best Friends through pensions that donations provide for, and sale of Best Friends merchandise, which is owned by a founder private company)

    But the founders are elderly and retired, dead, or got pushed out by the new dog breeder (and worse) affiliated faction that is trying to take over the board of directors of Best Friends and get their hands on the millions in the bank from Katrina rescue that Best Friends is hoarding.

    It is being spent now on lobbying for dog breeder interests, and hiring people connected to dog breeders.

    Best Friends is helping dog fighters and puppy mills (hoarders too) to be very blunt. And No Kill is one of the products that is being used to disguise dog breeder interests.

    Also the pit bull promotion.

  4. Here is a current list of nearly every NFL team's public stance on potentially signing Vick. The only teams not completely ruling him out appear to be the Steelers (so Vick can hobnob with Harrison) and the Redskins.

    The 49ers had the best response: "Coach Mike Singletary called the potential for Vick landing in San Francisco "a dead issue." Said Singletary, "It's not happening." (July 28)"

  5. Doesn't matter to expose BF to the general public, they are probably getting most of their donations from the breeders and dog fighters and those people don't care. I say probably the Vick dogs have attacked a staffer but we would never hear about it. Lies and more lies, is all that BF can do.

  6. Great commentary on this story—yes in the contract of each NFL player it should state that no player own any breed of dog that was created for fighting—-the pit bull is of course the major dog for fighting around the world.

  7. "I say probably the Vick dogs have attacked a staffer but we would never hear about it."

    There was actually a video of this where the dog lunged at the reporter and handler after a year of rehab and throwing money away on it. The excuse given? People surrounded the dog and the dog most likely thought it was a fighting situation. Although no other dog was present so I don't know how one would logically come up with that excuse. Still, if all you had to do is surround a former fighting dog to send it back into fight mode where it would attack a human, those dogs are not safe to be living anywhere

  8. Add Giants linebacker Antonio Pierce, a pit bull breeder who was busted for animal neglect a few years ago. Arrested the other day for having an uunregistered firearm. Apparently he didn't learn his lesson from team mate plaxico Burress.

    I wonder if James Harrison purchased Level 5 Mauler "Patrone" from a n NFL "hobby" breeder?

  9. You know he purchased Patron from an NFL "hobby" breeder. I imagine there are dozens of them.

  10. The Tennessee Titans' top draft pick in 2007, Michael Griffin, is also a pit bull breeder. Apparently he used to love to speak of his pet pit bulls prior to the arrest of Vick. Before he was drafted, Griffin's "hobby" was "shared with several of his Longhorns teammates." After he became drafted, he and other pit bull owning Titan teammates became a little camera shy:

    "Griffin and Titans teammates Reynaldo Hill and LenDale White have defended their ownership of pit bulls, answering questions that have become relevant in the wake of Vick's plummet from superstardom. Griffin and Hill reportedly decided not to have their photos taken with their dogs as part of a story done by The Nashville Tennessean."

    I think "dozens" of NFL hobby breeders is an understatement.

  11. Michael Vick claimed for years that he just loved pit bulls, and that he was breeding "pets" or "show dogs"

    That's what all the dog fighters say.

  12. Anon, would like a link to that video. And you're right, what if that dog were in a dog park or out in the public with lots of people? That is not a rehabbed dog. How many damn excuses can these people come up with?

  13. The NCAA clearly needs to kick pit bulls out of their line up as well. Brock Spack, the first-year Illinois State football coach, brought the annual "Pit Bull Award" to ISU.

    "At work, Spack prefers pit bulls. He wants players who are tenacious, tough, physical. He even offers a reward. The Pit Bull Award goes each spring to a player on offense and defense. A staple during Spack's years as an assistant at Wyoming and Purdue, he eagerly brought it to Normal."

  14. Potentially violent dogs = dogfighting.

    "Michael Vick has arrived at a suburban Atlanta community center to talk to inner-city youths about how to deal with potentially violent dogs.

    The former Atlanta Falcons quarterback entered the New Life Community Center in Decatur through a back entrance Saturday for an event put on by the Humane Society of the United States."

  15. Vick landed with the Phillies! Perfect place for him as the PSPCA consistently belts out massive distortions about pit bulls and has one heck of a local dogfighting problem too. The man couldn't have picked a better city — filled with ironies, discrepancies and strong arming the truth down into a dark, rotten hole.

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