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15 thoughts on “Zupf: Interested in Pit Bull Adoption?

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  1. Very powerful. We need more information like this presented clearly and concisely to counter the pit nutter propaganda machine. Only when the average member of the public hears this message at least as often as if not more often than the lies from the breeder and fighting lobby will people stop being suckered and guilted into adopting pit bulls from overcrowded shelters.

  2. Judge Weber had great foresight! Who knews this problem would be much greater 20 years aftwr he ruled?

  3. Excellent comments above. Right here where I live I have proof of a pet rescue getting ready to adopt out pit bull/mix puppies, claiming that they are border collie mixes. I believe they think they can get away with that because the puppies are black and white. The article I'm linking below does not have pictures of the pups, but does have pictures of the emaciated mother from above. Trust me when I tell you that the pictures of the pups scream pit bull. They are very young puppies yet their muscular structure and stocky build and wide jaw is already very evident. It is shameful that this rescue is trying to pass these pits off as border collie mixes.

  4. If you believe that dog pictured in FoolMeOnce's link is a border collie, I have some beach front property in Wyoming to sell you. People would have to be as stupid as the nutters are to buy that for one second.

    I liked a point I saw made by a fed up pet seeker on Craigslist. It's not an exact quote, but it went something like, "Stop cherry picking the more desirable dog breed in a mix, and call it for what it is, a PIT mix." The nutters keep complaining about ignorant dog owners taking on "more dog" than they can handle. How many of those so-called ignorant dog owners were tricked into adopting a pit mix by a lying rescue group?

    The dogs are dangerous enough without obfuscating the breed. At least give people the chance to KNOW what they're getting into. It could save the life of a child or another family pet down the line.

  5. The larger question is… all of these rescue groups adopting out pit bulls have liability insurance? If they are a 501C3 organization, what is the mission statement listed on their tax returns? I am guessing none of these pit bull rescues, many of whom are just one or two women taking pit bulls into their homes, have informaed their HO insurance company as to what they are doing. Does anyone believe there is an insurance comapny out there who would look at some of these crazy women and say…"Oh, you have no degree in animal behavior, no experience as a dog trainer, and you want to take in pit bulls that have been conditioned to kill other dogs in a pit. Great! Let me write you a policy!"

    And who are all of these people who keep adopting out pit bulls? Are they all lying to their insurance companies about their breed of dog? Are they all lying to their landlords? In my state, NO private insurers will insure a pit bull. Not one. So how can all of these people own pit bulls without lying? Which also means that 9 times out of ten, a victim of a pit bull attack cannot sue the owner for medical bills, bacause the owner's insurance won't cover the attack.

    rescues lie about the breed of dog, because they KNOW what they are doing is putting people in a position where they could lose their insurance coverage. Pit bull rescue does NOT want the public to know that the dogs they push are not insurable.

  6. anonymous re insurance

    I think the public needs to notify the insurance companies of these pit rescues and let them know what is happening. Also find out if the insurance companies will cover the liability if they adopt one of these dogs from these people and the dog attacks.

    If these pit rescues are trying to do this by email only to hide their identities, they need to be reported to the state authorities for running illegal businesses, not getting permits, not getting sales tax on dog sales etc.

  7. I actually got goosebumps from this video. How can people be in such denial about these dogs? What kind of people want these attacks to continue? Makes you want to book a ride to the moon.

  8. I love that video! Many home owners' insurance will not take people with pitties, or are required to take out high policies because they paid whopping $375 last year in dog bites alone-and MOST of those were from pit bulls. Statistics speak louder than words.

  9. I've been working on the insurance angle for years now in regards to altering. Insurance companies definitely have a financial stake in this issue. The problem is finding out who the insurance company is in order to report people. Not all 501c3's have insurance, usually only the bigger ones do.

    A friend of mine who does Rottie rescue has required that she contact a homeowner's insurance agent prior to adoption. The reason being that she doesn't want the dog to be given back to her when the homeowner finds out they will lose their insurance over the dog. She also has a steadfast rule that any Rottie she takes in age 3 or older that is unaltered, she euthanizes. She firmly believes that certain breeds unless they are altered early are dangerous. She takes very few Rotties from shelters because of a lack of history. I just wish that all "rescues" would show this much sense instead of assuming a "savior" role.

  10. I read somwhere that some states require public listing of insurance carriers.

    Does anyone have more info on this?

  11. I never used to care if a dog was of mixed breed but after reading about the hide the pit bull trick I would never want to take a mixed breed from a shelter. And this is were these people are hurting all other mixed breed dogs.
    But they only care about the pitbulls, don't they.

  12. Most states, if you go to their .gov site, have a commissioner of insurance. There is usually info or a link to a list of private insurers in that state. Unfortunately, the list can be very long.

    You can try contacting the insurance fraud commission in your state, although I think owning pit bulls is considered "failure to disclose" a known risk. I think someone breeding or doing pit rescue could be reported through the insurance fraud hotline. Many of these women doing pit bull rescue are mentally unstable individuals who have NO qualifications to work with animals…they are putting the public at risk by placing dangerous dogs in pet homes. Some of them are not registered non-profits, so they may actually be making money by doing this.

    I don't really see how anyone breeding pit bulls would be able to get HO insurance…nor would I imagine anyone bringing pit bulls with unknown histories into their home to do "rescue" . If someone has a neighbor breeding or doing pit rescue, and you have contacted your state insurance fraud hotline, please post back as to what the response was.

  13. Thanks for the backup about the rescued "border collie mixes." I just can't let it go — I might not get anywhere, but I am going to contact the people that rescued these dogs/pups and ask if they have pit bull in them. Just to see what they say, at first. I will let you all know the results!

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