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4 thoughts on “Owner of Pit Bulls that Attacked Brenda Hill Sentenced to Two Years

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  1. It's been two years since the Indy Pit Crew put tu-tu's on their wigglebutts and protest marched…

    They were silent when Lee Carrol sold the 9 pups from these two maulers AFTER this attack occurred!

    I see no improvement in the Pit community breed stewardship issue…BAN!

  2. Speedy is working for the good of his community and being condemned for it by his "peers". We need to support this man in any way we can.

  3. I fully agree, P., even if it's nothing more than to send the man an e-mail or letter of support that what he's doing is the right thing.

  4. This poor woman was an active senior living in her own home.

    Now she is in a nursing home, with only one leg.


    These pit bulls cost society an enormous of money and suffering.

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