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10 thoughts on “After Catch Pole and Pepper Spray Fail, Gunshot to the Head Stops Pit Bull

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    Pit bulls are different. Don't you agree? For those of us who have personally witnessed a pit bull attack, it is quite clear. When pit bulls "go off" the result is a prolonged, sustained attack. Inflicting pain on a pit bull during an attack does nothing to stop the land shark. In fact, it just kicks the canine frankenstein into higher gear. "Gameness" folks, this is what I'm talking about. The ability to withstand ungodly amounts of pain but stay on task…kill, kill, kill. The mindset of a pit bull when it goes off. Man made problem. Man made solution, ban the devil dogs.

  2. So, I guess we can add "mailbags" to the list of pitbull triggers, along with "using a weedwhacker" and "walking a tender morsel, aka, dachsund."
    Krikey! Did you see the picture of that beast? Hell Hound is right.

  3. The other night on Animal Cops, they busted a fighting ring and put the dogs in the truck. By the time they got back to the shelter, one pit had torn off the stainless steel bars from the inside gate of the truck. Then when they put the dog in the kennel, there was a divider of stainless steel which the dog proceded to tear down. The dog was bloody from all this and thank goodness, they went ahead and euthanized this dog. I have seen a dog destroy a trap once to the point it had to be junked but it was a shepard mix.

  4. Typical pit nutter response. Didn't even see what happened, had no idea her dog was in the process of mauling someone, but she somehow just "knows" it must be the letter carrier's fault. If she's so psychic, you'd think she would've known her dog was being shot on her porch without having to be told about it after the fact.

  5. So this pit owner thinks the mail carrier went up to the pit bull and scared him?

    Right, because that's what mail carriers do – go up to pit bulls.

    I swear, the average pit bull owner doesn’t have enough brains for a headache.

  6. You are so sadly correct. Most of them have the pleasure of living inside their brainless world, like living inside of a bottle with a cork stuck in the top. So why hasn't the US Postal Service lobbied to revoke the ridiculous one bite rule? They say that they vigorously pursue civil charges after bites, but they cannot do so in one bite states (without proving the owner had previous knowledge that their dog would bite). Ms. Parrish is probably off the hook!

  7. Claiming victimhood and profiling seems to be the latest schtick from a nutter who gets outwitted by the Dogmen of Stafford, and Law Enforcement has to subsequently dispatch the creature.

    Of course, they are never there to witness it… when the beast "turns on" and breaks containment.

  8. "I swear, the average pit bull owner doesn’t have enough brains for a headache."

    unfortunately they have just enough brains to give the rest of us headaches.

  9. Once again, in an attempt to save a pit’ s life police allow a mauling to continue while they try one method and then another before doing what they should have immediately.

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