Owner of Killed Cat Calls Pit Bull's Bite: "Death Grip"

Home Invasion Attack Fort Collins, CO - A Fort Collins pit bull has been euthanized after it entered into a neighbor's home and killed a pet cat in front of the shaken family, including two children. The pit bull, an 18-month-old dog named Lucky, chased a 2-year-old tan-and-white tabby named Simon upstairs into a bedroom and held the cat in an ironclad bite. "The dog clamped onto him and never let go," said Shannon Watson, the cat's owner. "He was just shaking it like a rag doll."W… [Read full blog post]

Zupf: Pit Bulls Stay with Owners After Killing Family's Cat and Dog

Pit Bulls Kill Cat and Labrador Jacksonville, FL - Last week in Jacksonville, a pair of pit bulls killed a family's dog and cat. Kelly McIntosh, her husband, and her son have lived in their Southside home for a long time. They've had the same neighbors (the pit bull owners) for a long time as well. She says her cat of 15 years, and Koko, a five-month old chocolate lab, was attacked by her neighbor's dogs. The attack left both of her pets dead. She says those dogs have long been a concern… [Read full blog post]