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14 thoughts on “Zupf: Woman Saves 4-Year Old Child From Pit Bull Attack

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  1. Pit Bull attack checklist:

    Breaking containment….Check!

    Level 5 Mauling………Check!

    Young ethereal owner without assets………………Check!

    Dog hadn't attacked before………………Verify

    Unregistered dog……..Check!

    liabilty Insurance……Doubtful

  2. Just as Lockwood pointed out in his 1988 study…Pit Blls are 14 times more likely to break containment and attack compared to other breeds.

    These dogs require a special containment infrastructure.

  3. The pit bull owner called the event "tragic"? Please. There has been enough information out there about these dogs for a long enough time now that any pit owner ought to know the risk they are taking and putting onto other people by owning these dogs. I have three other words for the pit nutter.

  4. He who has ears to hear, let him hear. He who does not want to hear, blame it all on the biased, pit-hatin' media! That's such a big part of the problem in trying to educate pit-nutters. You can tell when they've been looking at pro-pit sites to get their "education" about pitbulls. They all spout the same nonsense, and call us idiots for believing the media hype. Man, it is just so sad!

    And I will never live next door to a pit either.

  5. The media are the last to find out any new trends in the world of dogs. it's dog owners, trainers, vets. They know before the media does that there is something wrong with the cockers, or the golden retrievers or the berner senners etc.
    What is in the media about pit bulls is confirmed by dog owners' own experiences and the stories they hear from other dog owners, trainers and vets.
    We got it right when there was a problem with cockers, golden retrievers and berner senners. But when it is pit bulls we are all making it up and the media is helping us to do this?

  6. Mrs. Poodle, do you think the difference could be that those other breeds don't have a multi-million dollar sideline? i.e., dogfighting?

    One bit of pit-nutter nonsense is that if pits are banned, the dog-fighters and thugs will just find another breed. Riggggghhhhhht. I've often wondered why the dogfighting world isn't into cockers — according to pit-nutters, they are the most vicious! With poodles not far behind. Well, they are digging their own pitbull graves.

    Thank you, Colleen, for all you do to expose the pit-nutter nonsense!

  7. They would need two centuries to produce what the Dogmen of Stafford and the US achieved with Pit Bulls. They culled hundreds of thousands of "losers" over the years.

  8. Anonymous, that is so utterly logical. No wonder the pitnutters don't get it! I believe the truth is that they are in the minority — the rest of us have had enough. And others have said here before — since they refuse to do anything about all the carnage, it will be done for them.

  9. And that reminds me of another bit of pit nutter nonsense — they claim that pits were bred to be loyal to their human owners — human aggressive pits were "dispatched." How's that for spin-doctoring? I don't think human loyalty was even in the minds of the dogmen.

  10. I can only think of one other breed that the breeding standards are controlled/perverted by a multi-million dollar sideline…Grey Hounds…Yet somehow they are aren't making the headlines.

  11. Yes…and then they allow the dogfighting industry to control the breeding standard which is unsurpassed dog killing ability…then hide behind humane issues! It's whacked!

  12. I'm afraid to go look at those comments — it might make me blow a gasket!

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