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6 thoughts on “Zupf: Justin Cutrer's Story and the Help-Justin Website

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  1. I’m sure “responsible pit owners” will be flocking to help cover this child’s medical bills, right? Isn’t that what responsible owners do? Wouldn’t that be in line with being good breed ambassadors and all the other rubbish they spout?

    No, instead they’ll sit back and self-righteously throw the pit owners under the bus, accuse the child of provoking the attack, and feel smug that their dogs haven’t attacked anyone…


  2. Florida law sucks. Basically, if you have a “Bad Dog” sign posted and you have no knowledge of dog’s propensity to attack, you get the one free bite.

    I visited Florida in October and was amazed at the frequency of attacks. Cape Coral, Tampa and Orlando all have very bad pit bull attacks on children. Florida lawmakers need to wake up to their pit bull problem and protect the innocent men, women and children who are being attacked by this extremely strong, determined canine gladiator!

  3. SO how long will Florida citizens help the vicious dog breeders and owners by sacrificing their own children with the one free bite?

  4. Florida is not a One Bite Free state:

    Florida is a strict liability state:

    However, this does not mean that the first bite is not "free" per say, as many dogs are returned to their owner after the first bite, even after a very serious attack. The use of the word "free," (One Bite Free States) typically means that there is no LIABILITY until after the first bite.

    Florida state law classifies a dog as "dangerous" after a qualifying attack (see 767.11 definitions). Once the dog is classified as "dangerous," the owner must 1.) Properly "secure" his dog 2.) Post warning signs 3.) Chip or tattoo the animal. 4.) Muzzle when off property

    [Violators are guilty of a "noncriminal infraction," punishable by a fine not exceeding $500]

    Bay County, Florida law example:

    Lake County, Florida law example:

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