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11 thoughts on “Pit Bull and Owner Perform 'Synchronized Fence Scaling' in Neighborhood

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  1. The Bad Rap website makes my blood boil….The website insists that its perfectly acceptable and "normal" for pit bulls to be animal aggressive. This organization supports, condones, and facilitates the adoption of dog aggressive/animal aggressive pit bulls. So its perfectly OK to these folks if a pit bull slaughters a neighbors dog.

    The people involved in Bad Rap are NOT dog lovers……they are opportunists with a pit bull fetish. To understand the genetic and physical propensity a fighting breed has for doing harm to another dog, and to ignore and minimize the risk to other people's beloved family companions, is immoral and unethical.

    "Rescue" organizations that promote the adoption of dog aggressive pit bulls to pet homes are no better than the dog fighters…they are animal abusers, who show absolutely NO concern for the animals killed and maimed by the pit bulls they place.

  2. Very often, they don't even warn potential adopters that the dogs are dog aggressive, and there are enough ignorant fools out there who have eaten the propaganda that has been spoon fed them by the breeder lobby that they don't bother to question. Then when their dog goes on to attack or kill somebody else's pet, they use the lame and inaccurate justification that "all dogs are like that". Not only are these pit criminals killing other dogs, they are making people fearful of ALL dogs, when they absolutely should not be.

  3. Bad Rap was started by a couple of artists who realized that there is cash to made with pit bulls.

    It is only a matter of time before their advocacy of criminality and support of human death by dog ends them up in litigation.

  4. Once again, we see wht special containmet infrastructures are required for this breed.

    As Lockwood pointed out in his study, Compared to other breeds, Pit Bulls are 14 times more likely to break containment and attack.


    (Note to Pit Breeders, Self-regulation through safer breeding is the desired option!)

  5. Meanwhile….

    Police log: Pit bull kills neighbor's dog
    by TP staffJun 24, 2009 | 974 views | 2 | 3 | | A man called at 5:16 p.m. Tuesday to report a neighbor’s pit bull jumped over a fence and killed his dog on the 4200 block of Heirloom Lane.

    The owner picked up the pit bull.

  6. Best Friends, the organization that now hires Ledy VanKavage and is also working with pit bull BREEDER lobbying groups, is sending out propaganda that "it costs cities millions of dollars to enact bsl."

    This is a tired old routine from the breeder lobbies which they have used to try to oppose any regulation they don't like, that might cut into their $$.

    They try to intimidate legislators.

    With the BILLIONS of dollars in various mayhem and destruction that pit bulls cause every year, this is an obvious lie.

    And yet like a typical breeder lobbying group, Best Friends is busy cooking up the lies.

    (Meanwhile, Best Friends doesn't take unwanted or rescued pit bulls from their own state! They turn them away and send them to animal control! They certainly don't want to spend their own money getting financially overburdened by pit bulls)

    The concept of helping animalos has been left in the dust for Best Friends, to be replaced by spending their millions helping pit bull breeders use and abuse more dogs.

  7. The "report" on how much BSL costs is done by John Dunham & Associates. Google that and see that they are hired guns, hired to do reports to support whoever pays them, such as the tobacco companies. And they do not have their raw data anywhere. So it can't be verified. We need a report that shows how much it costs to NOT have BSL. Hospital costs, funeral costs, etc, etc., because I am quite sure that figure is much, much higher than the ones "made up" by Best Fiends.

  8. If the Best Friends propagandists are associated with tobacco companies, then it is probably another front for this propagandist and lobbyist who works for PUPPY MILLS and DOG FIGHTERS

    The Center For Consumer Freedom. They also do tobacco and alcohol company gigs.

    This lobbyist has been involved with Nathan Winograd and his No Kill scheme, and has been working for the breeder lobby for some time.

    This is pretty clearcut proof that Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is now working for dog breeders and dog fighters, and is no longer a humane organization.

    These lobbying groups ADVOCATE CRUELTY TO ANIMALS in the name of profiteering from animals.

  9. Here's a pit bull forum that talks about their dogs being tree climbers.

    "It was a cherry tree, vertical but with lots of limbs. He climbed right up behind me and plopped a seat right next to me. Getting down the first time was a little tricky for him but after that he would go up and down with ease…"

    "I have had 1 tree climber and same thing, she snagged a cat and we found her hidden talent."

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