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8 thoughts on “Judge Returns Vicious Dogs to Firestone Man After Multiple Attacks

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  1. Feds charge judge’s son in child pornography case
    Thursday, April 19, 2007 — “The son of a Weld County Court judge faces 20 years in a federal prison in a case involving more than 1,000 pieces of pornography of underage boys. Charles “Andy” Unfug, 25, of Fort Collins surrendered to authorities Wednesday when he was charged with transportation and possession of child pornography. He is the son of Weld County Judge Charles Unfug. According to sources who spoke only on the condition of anonymity, this isn’t the first time Unfug has faced such trouble. As a teenager, he was convicted of sexual assault, sources said.”

  2. A judge enabling dysfunctional children and dysfunctional defendants.
    He must be dysfunctional himself. The state needs to investigate Unfrug and remove him from the bench so he can spend the rest of his legal career advocating for pit bulls with the rest of the dysfunctional pit nutter lawyers.

  3. Look for this one back in the news and let’s hope the attack stays in the family. Karma, baby.

  4. I can't understand why anyone would want a dog that attacks them! Crazy == and that judge must be drinking the Koolaid! There is no other plausible explanation…

  5. You ought to read the Diane Whipple book. Marjorie Knoller acted in the exact same manner and worse. It’s a page turner, and very relevant to this issue.

    The only SHOCK with the Riley dogs is that a person is NOT dead. Lifelong, deforming facial injuries will have to do.

  6. The horrible saga continues:

    JULY 17, 2009 — GREELEY — Weld County authorities are pressing fresh “dangerous dog” charges against David Riley and are also accusing him of threatening a Firestone woman not to complain about the animals.

    The Weld County District Attorney’s Office announced the charges Wednesday. Prosecutors say the charges are based on a March 22 incident, but the the victim didn’t come forward until July 3 out of fear.

    “(She) stated she did not originally report the incident immediately because of the threats the defendant … had made towards her and her children,” read an affidavit issued Tuesday. “(The victim) stated today was the last straw when the defendant did it again today. (She) stated she is tired of being in fear for herself and her children’s lives.”

  7. Owner of dangerous dog found guilty

    August 27, 2009 – "A Firestone man is headed to 14 months in jail after a jury found him guilty today of owning a dangerous dog that attacked his aunt. And while the judge ordered that the dog be euthanized, the order will be stayed for 30 days, which is the time allowed for an appeal.

    The conviction — for owning a dangerous dog and obstructing a peace officer — comes three months after David Riley, 41, was arrested after his dog, Scout, attacked his Myrna Lee.

    Lee was on the ground screaming with wounds to her face and neck when officers arrived on May 23, according to a release from the Weld District Attorney's Office. The injuries have left her permanently scarred, according to the release…"

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