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5 thoughts on “Do Not Befriend an 'Unknown' Pit Bull Under Any Circumstances

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  1. This is a very important blog post and warning!

    A stray pit bull may appear friendly and loving, but many of these dogs ARE strays because they have had problems and been dumped on the street. Some have killed other animals, or hurt someone.

    The dog also may come from the fighting world.

    There are countless "do gooders" that are picking up stray pit bulls and bringing the dog home, only to have the pit bull kill their other pets or bite a human.

    And the attacks will happen usually with NO WARNING from the dog!

    Just because you treat the pit bull with love does not mean the dog won't attack, and your life may be changed forever in a terrible way if that dog does attack.

    Your loving pets or children may pay with their lives.


    If animal control is not doing its job, and picking up strays, file a formal compliant with the mayor, city council, or whatever governing body hires animal control- and write a letter to the editor to warn people in your area that animal control is failing and that strays aren't being picked up!

    In San Antonio, Texas animal control decided to stop doing its job and stop picking up strays, and people and pets are getting attacked as a result.

  2. It's not at all surprising that an owner didn't step forward. The owner either wasn't present, and just let the dog roam at large as many pit nutters do, or saw what happened and knew he or she would be facing charges and medical bills. You're more likely to see the tooth fairy or the Easter Bunny than a pit owner willing to take responsibility for an attack.

  3. Who can forget the heartwariming tale of how the City of New York paid out a $5 Million settlement last year, after one of it's police officers pick up a stray pit bull off the street and gave it to a poor, petless family? In foreseeable fashion, the grateful pit mauled one of the children in the household.

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